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Infertility Comes Out Of The Shadows

Jimmy Fallon came to national prominence as a member of the Saturday Night Live cast, and has parlayed his success into one of the most coveted positions on television: host of the legendary Tonight Show on NBC. Like his predecessors Jay Leno and Johnny Carson, what Fallon says is instantly heard by millions of Americans, and quickly becomes fodder for water cooler banter throughout the country.


Night of Hope

Few things are as discouraging as a diagnosis of infertility, but over the last 35 years, the treatment of infertility has undergone a radical transformation thanks to medical innovations, changing attitudes about fertility, and trailblazing leadership by reproductive endocrinologists. One of the leading organizations supporting these advancements is RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association.


How Freezing Eggs Can Affect Your Estate Plan

When Apple and Facebook made news recently for paying the expenses of their female employees to freeze their eggs, chances are you didn’t think it would have any effect on your estate plan. But if you have a daughter or a granddaughter, you may be mistaken.

If either decides to use assisted reproductive technology and freeze her eggs, you’ll need to consider whether to include unborn descendants in your estate plan.

By Joan M. Burda, Next Avenue Contributor, Forbes Magazine

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ARC is Excited to Welcome its Newest Member – Fertility Institute of Texas

ARC is Excited to Welcome its Newest Member into its Network


About this practice

Why Choose Fertility Institute of Texas & Dr. Susan Hudson?

At Fertility Institute of Texas, Dr. Susan Hudson is dedicated to giving you personalized, compassionate fertility care. She understands that each patient has unique needs, concerns and circumstances. Her office is a calm, serene atmosphere and Dr. Hudson personally takes the time to listen and finds the answers you need to develop a successful treatment plan. The goal at Fertility Institute of Texas is to not only help you have a baby, but to support you throughout this personal journey.


Learn More About Our Network Member OHSU – Fertility Consultants

About this practice:

OHSU Fertility Consultants offer the latest options in fertility treatment and diagnosis. Their team is committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective care to individuals and couples seeking services for infertility and menopause disorders.

Consistently recognized as one of the top ten fertility services in the nation, they are distinguished from other academic care facilities by dedicating board-certified reproductive endocrinologists with more than six decades of combined experience working with patients with reproductive and fertility challenges. They will receive the full-time, individual and personal attention from our reproductive endocrinologists.


University Hospitals Fertility Center – ARC Network Member


About this practice

Through innovative treatments, physicians of University Hospitals Fertility Center have helped to build families for over 30 years. Our medical director has been responsible for Ohio’s first IVF birth (1983), the world’s first IVF/surrogate birth (1986) and Ohio’s first birth from Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (2003). Our goal is to exceed patients’ expectations by offering the highest technology in a new, patient-friendly suburban location at the University Hospital Ahuja Medical Center in Beachwood. (Conveniently located at the intersection of Interstate 271 and Harvard Road).


Fertility Treatment Center


About this practice

Fertility Treatment Center is the only full service fertility clinic in Arizona, integrating the entire spectrum of fertility evaluation and treatment, advanced In Vitro Fertilization technology, on-site lab and Surgicenter, and cutting edge fertility research. The physicians and staff at FTC strive to achieve a patient friendly environment with our mission of building families in a competent, cost effective fashion.

Our clinical and laboratory specialists have the training, expertise and extensive experience in all areas of reproductive medicine, including IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), ICSI (IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection), assisted hatching, embryo and sperm cryopreservation, and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).