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FertilityNow™ ARC® Affordable Options & IVF Financing

Fertility Financing – Contact ARC
Please call us at our toll free number 1-888-990-2727 to obtain your pricing information for the treatment plan with your doctor’s office.

Affordable Fertility Treatment Payment Options

The ARC® Affordable Payment Plan™ helps with fertility financing and the cost of IVF or IUI.

  • Your fertility physician, as a member of the ARC® Network, is able to offer a fertility financing program for the professional services and pharmaceutical fertility drugs that you need to get pregnant.
  • Our established and reputable lending partners know the unique needs of couples facing infertility.
  • ARC works with multiple lenders in order to serve a broader spectrum of patients.
  • The more lenders you have access to, the greater the chance you have of getting approved for the cost of the treatment your fertility physician feels will work best for you.
  • This program helps make infertility treatment more affordable through an extended payment program. This option allows you to make manageable monthly payments.

What Costs are Covered by ARC’s Fertility Financing Program?

Financial burdens related to the cost of IVF treatments frequently discourage patients from pursuing appropriate infertility care. The fertility financing program offered by ARC Fertility is an additional resource for your consideration in overcoming any financial limitation you might be facing while undergoing IVF or IUI treatments. You may finance any of the following:

Out-of-Pocket Payment Methods:

If you don’t require financing for your fertility treatments and wish to pay with your own funds, you may also use these methods:

  1. Credit Cards: ARC accepts all major credit cards
    Credit Cards Accepted
  2. Personal Funds: You can also pay for your treatments with a personal check, cashiers’ check, or wire transfer.

Find a Fertility Doctor or Clinic Near You

If you have not already established care with a fertility doctor, please click on the button below to find an ARC member fertility clinic near you.

Contact ARC to Talk to a Fertility Specialist near You

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