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The ARC® Concierge Fertility Team


Let our highly skilled Concierge Fertility Team walk you through the challenging process of undergoing fertility treatment. We can explain to you the discounted treatment packages that your clinic offers and manage the financial discussions between you and your clinic so you can focus on receiving treatment. Throughout your journey, we provide continuous support and follow-up to help choose the right package and best payment options for you.

The ARC Concierge Fertility Team

  • Spanish speaking representatives
  • Professionally-trained in working with fertility patients and any challenges that may occur
  • Guides you through the process of choosing the right treatment package and the most affordable payment options
  • Answers all of your questions and coordinates all related logistics with your clinic

Customer Love

“To have other people at the end of the phone that not only know how to guide you through the options smoothly, can answer all your questions, and also genuinely care about people’s lives and experience is something we will always be thankful for. And I think that’s rare in any company to feel that level of support on a personal level.” – Campbell Ruddock

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