Patient Testimonials


What our customers are saying about us

“I just wanted to express how helpful Sophia Kieri has made this process. With so many steps that can feel very overwhelming she’s made things feel clear and in my control. So grateful for her! Thank you.” – Jennifer T.


“Awesome team — would recommend without hesitation. We had a great experience with ARC.” – JulieMarie


“Everyone at ARC truly cared about my needs. When going through fertility issues, it gets really stressful. The people at ARC made financing a really easy thing to do.” – Laura R.


“To have people at the end of the phone that not only know how to guide you through the options smoothly, but can answer all your questions, and also genuinely care about peoples’ lives and experience is something we will always be thankful for. And I think that’s rare in any company to feel that level of support on a personal level. ARC was there each step making things go seamlessly. In the end, all we ever hoped for was the ability to try, and ARC made that possible. If you want to know there are people willing to go the extra mile to make IVF possible, or understand what that process means to people – then I could not recommend them highly enough.” – Campbell R.


“I contacted ARC and the person I spoke with was so so helpful, kind and answered all of my questions. Luckily my husband was able to switch companies and now our health insurance covers IVF but for those who need financing and are able to work with ARC I highly recommend giving them a call. They were patient and informative and even looked up the clinic I was at to see exactly what they offered.” – Lia D.


“7 rounds of fertility treatments…a surgery…a miscarriage. The end result is worth every needle.” – Stephanie R.


“Ms. Yury has the best attitude. You can hear her smile over the phone. She reflects ARC’s motto (compassionate care) wonderfully!” – Eyitayo O.


“April was fantastic. She made everything so easy and was very responsive to our questions.” – Amanda N.


“April Jama was my contact representative. She made the experience quick and seamless, which was a huge relief. I really appreciate her help!” – Regina


“Yury was able to promptly and knowledgeably answer all questions that I had. She quickly matched us up with the services we were in need of and the correspondence with the doctor’s office was seamless.” – Becky L.


“Yury was kind and compassionate, and attentive. It means so much during this very exciting yet emotional time.” – Mirna V.


“The patient services specialist we talked to was very helpful. She even called my doctor’s office to make sure the plan we were looking at was the best option for us. While the beginning stages of IVF tend to be stressful, ARC was the easiest part so far.” – Heather B.


“Got approved within 2 minutes of making the call. The patient services specialist, Sabrina, answered all of our questions really well; she made us feel positive, and welcome in everything she said and did, and followed up from time to time even. Because of the hard work, we now stand a chance at having a family. Thank you!” – Bill T.


“…This was a very stressful time preparing for IVF and deciding if it was right for us, but Robin remained patient and extremely helpful through our few weeks of contact. She went above and beyond, and provided follow ups. If there was an award I could nominate her for, I would. I was blessed to have worked with her.” – Kandis C.


“The whole egg donor/fertility process has definitely been a stressful time. I can honestly say that everyone at ARC has made part of the process a little easier. From the ease of application, to the instant approval and promptness of sending the funds, I can’t say enough good things about them! Even when my doctor’s office seemed to not know what was going on, the folks at ARC were very helpful in steering me in the right path. I’d also like to say that Sabrina H., especially, made my experience with ARC even easier. The extra steps she took to make sure the pharmacy had the prescriptions and trying to get ahold of my doctor’s office (as you can tell, they aren’t the easiest to get ahold of), she really seemed to go above and beyond. It really made me feel confident in my choice of going through ARC!! I can’t thank you all enough.” – Desiree D.


“ARC staff was so friendly and understanding helping through this sensitive process.” – Jamillah M.


“ARC is helping my wife and I have another child. What a great company!” – Roy C.


“Your team was phenomenal in what seemed to be one of my darkest moments. Thank you for your kindness and professionalism.” – Rosalinda C.


“Amber Segura was attentive and followed up frequently with statuses. I feel that is a compassionate way of showing someone they are human and enjoy what they do no matter how big or small their contribution may have been.” – Yahaira A.


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