Woman Consulting with Physician

After Your First Visit with a Fertility Specialist

After an initial consultation to comprehensively review your medical history, most patients will be asked to undergo a complete physical exam and a series of infertility tests. This preliminary fertility evaluation phase involves some blood and hormone tests which your fertility specialist will utilize to diagnose the cause of infertility. The testing generally proceeds from standardized screening which all patients need to specialized diagnostic tests that are tailored to the unique needs of each patient. For further information on diagnostic testing, please see our Diagnosis section.

Most fertility physicians will accept relevant standardized screening test results performed by qualified third parties if the information is still current and relevant. After this phase of standard testing however, fertility physicians generally prescribe specific diagnostic tests in accordance with the patient’s individual circumstances. A single blood draw will often provide a sufficient amount to perform nearly all screening tests. The table below outlines common diagnostic tests and the method by which they are administered. The outcome of your testing phase will often lead directly to a diagnosis for the cause of infertility.

Standard Screening Tests (typically required)

Name of Test Reason for Test For Female? For Male? Obtained By
ABO/Rh Blood Typing Yes Yes Blood Draw
CBC Complete Blood Count Yes Yes Blood Draw
Rubella Titer German Measles Yes Yes Blood Draw
HBsAg Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Yes Yes Blood Draw
Hepatitis C Hepatitis Yes Yes Blood Draw
HIV AIDS Screen Yes Yes Blood Draw
HTLV-1 Virus Screen Yes Yes Blood Draw
RPR/STS Syphillis Screen Yes Yes Blood Draw
Chlamydia Infection Yes Yes Blood and Culture
Pap Smear Cancer Screen Yes No Office Visit

Common Diagnostic Tests (may or may not be needed)

Name of Test Reason for Test For Female? For Male? Obtained By
AMH Egg Quality Yes No Blood Draw
FSH/E2 (Follicle Stimulating Hormone/Estradiol) Egg Quality Yes No Blood Draw
Prolactin Pituitary Hormone Yes No Blood Draw
LH Luteinizing Hormone Yes No Blood Draw
TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Yes No Blood Draw
Free T4 Thyroid Hormone Yes No Blood Draw
DHEAS Adrenal Hormone Yes No Blood Draw
Cortisol (am&pm), ACTH Adrenal Hormones Yes No Blood Draw
Hysterosalpingogram Uterus and Tubes Yes No Office Visit
Hysteroscopy Uterus Yes No Radiology procedure
Ultrasound/ Sonohysterogram Uterus and Ovaries Yes No Office Visit
Routine Culture Infection No Yes Office Visit
Semen Analysis Sperm Quality No Yes Office Visit
Genetic Testing Genetic Screening Yes Yes Blood Draw
Karyotype Chromosomal Analysis Yes Yes Office Visit
PCT Post-Coital Test Yes Yes Office Visit