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Single Men

Single father

Men who are single, but want to pursue parenthood can choose a surrogate with an egg donor and become a father. This allows them to still have a biological connection to their children without having a partner. Single men can also choose embryo donation as an option to parenthood.

Surrogacy/Gestational Carrier

Surrogacy occurs when a woman carries and gives birth to a child for an individual or couple. By doing so, she is compensated for the risk and services she provides. Since the surrogate carries an embryo created from the eggs and sperm of the potential parents, she has no genetic connection to the child. There are several gestational carrier agencies that help couples find a surrogate. Picking a potential surrogate mother is a carefully evaluated process where people can often interact with the candidate in more personal ways through conference calls, person meetings, etc.

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Egg Donor

By choosing a reputable egg donor agency, they match patients with a wide variety of donors from diverse backgrounds with many different physical traits. Patients can decide to choose a donor who is anonymous, semi-known or known. An anonymous donor is one you will never meet, a semi-known donor is one who shares limited information, and a known donor can be a friend, relative or stranger chosen through an agency, but are allowed to meet within agreed-upon boundaries. All potential egg donors are recommended to go through an evaluation or screening. Egg donors may receive ovulation stimulating drugs over time and have their eggs removed once they are stimulated.

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Embryo Donation

Many women who go through fertility treatment may have several frozen embryos leftover. They can choose to donate them to couples or individuals looking to build a family. Single men can use an embryo donation with a surrogate in order to have a baby. The different types of embryo donations are either known (open) and anonymous donations.

In known (open) embryo donations, the donors can get to know the potential parent/s who are receiving the embryos. The donor can decide to choose the recipient through an embryo matching service or agency. Donors are not compensated for their donation so embryo donation can be a lower cost alternative and easier option compared to adoption and other forms of fertility treatment.


Adoption is another great way to build a loving family.  Learn more about adoption.

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