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We manage the largest network of fertility specialists in the country – the ARC® network consists of 447 fertility specialists in more than 248 locations across the country. We carefully vet all our physicians, and are committed to maintaining an organization with the highest standards of reproductive expertise and quality of care. While they practice independently, ARC brings these experts together to share expertise and help define the best approaches in reproductive care.

  • Every ARC-member fertility clinic must have at least one physician partner who is a board-certified or active-status Reproductive Endocrinologist, or has a surgical practice primarily dedicated to the treatment of infertility.
  • In addition to demonstrated top training and clinical expertise, member practices are also committed to participation in outcomes research with the goal to continually improve treatment results and lead the world in the finest patient care.

We believe medicine is best practiced at the individual level: between you and your doctor. We also know that the most successful infertility treatment approaches often emerge by learning from the experience of the top fertility doctors in the field. ARC combines these two ideas to bring patients the best care experience with the highest evidence-based treatment packages with the greatest opportunity for success.

ARC Network of Fertility Doctors: How does the ARC approach benefit you?

  1. When you receive care within the ARC network, you gain the advantage of collective expertise and individual care. This way, you always have a local connection to the country’s best fertility doctors and their medical teams.
  2. The ARC network is made up of independently practicing doctors. ARC does not own medical practices. The key clinical relationship is always between you and your doctor.

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