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ARC offers affordable fertility treatment options that you can combine with various financing plans to make it easy and affordable to receive infertility care. 


Fertility Doctors and IVF Clinics

Why Choose a Fertility Clinic in the ARC Network?
When you receive care within the ARC network, you gain access to the ARC Fertility Treatment Packages, discounted fertility medications, and affordable financing options. 

The ARC® Network is made up of top fertility specialists practicing independently across the country. Through our network of reproductive specialists, we connect you to fertility clinics close to home.

Heart in Hands

Customer Love

“Thank you for helping us try to conceive our miracle! Without your financing this wouldn’t be happening for us, thank you again!!”  

– Jen Hoping for a miracle  

“The help and information I received was very helpful. Any questions I had were promptly answered and attended to. The financing was very simple and easy.” 

– Kecia H.

“Got approved within 2 minutes of making the call.” 

– Bill Trinnaman

IVF Treatment Packages

The ARC® Fertility Treatment Packages include the most effective, evidence-based in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments and the latest medical procedures shown to help people overcome infertility.  Each of the affordable ARC Treatment Packages is optimized to provide the best possibility of success.

The ARC® Success Refund Program offers all of the benefits of a discounted multi-cycle IVF treatment program, plus a refund on any unused IVF cycles, allowing you to maximize your chance of success and limit the possibility of paying for unused services.

Fertility Financing Options

The ARC® Affordable Payment Plan™ helps with fertility financing and affordable payment options for the cost of IVF, IUI or other ARC Fertility Treatment packages, and fertility drugs.

Why Choose a Fertility Doctor in the ARC® Network?

Benefits of ARC’s Products and Services

  • Affordable fertility treatment options and packages
  • Fertility financing with payment plans for infertility treatments and fertility drugs
  • Multicycle IVF Success Refund Program
  • Discounted Fertility Medications

Contact ARC Fertility

Call us at 1-888-990-2727

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