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About ARC Fertility

The ARC Advantage

At ARC® Fertility, we apply decades of experience to help thousands of people achieve one goal: have a baby. We understand that choosing the right fertility treatment is overwhelming. ARC Fertility makes it easy for you by offering the highest quality of care in three areas of excellence called The ARC Advantage: Care, Cost and Continued Support.

Care: ARC Fertility believes the best fertility care is local. We do not own fertility clinics, we partner with the best fertility specialists in the country – the ARC Network.   The key clinical relationship is between you and your local doctor. Through our carefully selected network of top, board-certified fertility specialists – the largest in the nation – you can find the right doctor in a region close to you. 

Cost: ARC Fertility reduces financial stress through affordable fertility financing options, discounted multi-cycle IVF treatment packages, and fertility medications. We also offer the unique ARC Success Program, where if you get pregnant and have a live birth, you will receive a refund for any remaining IVF cycle(s).

Continued Support: Our services extend throughout your treatment process. Our ARC umbrella of care supports patients with the best-in-class resources and tools on education, treatment management, and stress reduction. Our Concierge Care Navigators help every patient navigate through their own family-forming journey.

About ARC® Fertility 

ARC® Fertility (Advanced Reproductive Care®) is a patient-focused organization that offers every new patient the value of its more than 25 years of experience and the trust it has earned by helping tens of thousands of patients have a healthy baby. We believe that everyone should have their best chance to achieve this dream, regardless of financial background, sexual orientation, ethnicity or other status. 

ARC Fertility provides affordable fertility treatment packages, discounted fertility medications, and financing options.  We believe that by supplying IVF clinics with fertility-specific technology and reliable information, we can further improve patient experience and access to affordable fertility care.

ARC is passionate about the following:

  • Offering state-of-the-art fertility treatments through our network of partner clinics across the US
  • Supporting patients with exceptional care throughout the family-forming journey
  • Developing innovative treatment packages with evidence-based, affordable fertility care
  • Empowering patients with resources, tools and services offering information, education, and treatment management
  • Continually advancing fertility treatment, services and outcomes by providing new, proven, technologies to fertility clinics

ARC Fertility Employer Benefits Program

ARC is proud to announce its employer family-forming benefits program that provides employers with a better option for their employees trying to start a family. The ARC Fertility Program benefits are inclusive for all couples and individuals, genders and family-forming journeys. It is also comprehensive, covering all aspects of family forming from early adulthood through menopause, both with and without fertility treatment. The program is end-to-end and hybrid with a robust individualized digital program and personal one-on-one personal navigation. It has validated superior outcomes, lower cost and wide flexibility.

Meet the Founder – David Adamson, MD

ARC Fertility was founded by David Adamson, MD, a world-renowned pioneer in fertility medicine, to bring the most advanced reproductive care to people of all cultural, ethnic and economic backgrounds who have one thing in common: the desire to have a baby. Dr. Adamson is a World Health Organization fertility expert, Clinical Professor, ACF, at Stanford University, and a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist and surgeon.

Fertility Organizations 

ARC Fertility is proud to support important organizations in the field of fertility, such as the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association and the American Women’s Association (AMWA). ARC also has endowed in perpetuity the ASRM consumer education website

Customer Love

“Thank you for helping us try to conceive our miracle! Without your financing this wouldn’t be happening for us, thank you again!!”  

– Jen Hoping for a miracle ❤

“The help and information I received was very helpful. Any questions I had were promptly answered and attended to. The financing was very simple and easy.” 

– Kecia H.

“Got approved within 2 minutes of making the call.” 

– Bill Trinnaman

“I am so thankful and truly blessed to have been referred to ARC… We are really excited for this journey. Robin, thank you so much for your hard work and diligence. You were fabulous!” 
– Kandis M.

Awards & Certifications

HIPAA Seal of Compliance Verification
Validation Institute
CEO of the Year 2021
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