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The ARC Fertility Program Receives Validation Institute’s Highest Rankings for Savings and Outcomes

by | May 4, 2022 | Employer, Press, Press Releases

Fertility treatment leader reduces the frequency of multiple births, saving parents and employers costs and improving the health of mothers and babies

Cupertino, CA (May 4, 2022) – ARC Fertility, a pioneer in innovative fertility treatment options, today announced it has been awarded the Validation Institute’s prestigious Savings validation for reducing instances of twins and higher multiple births through its evidence-based fertility care program. According to the report, ARC saved parents and employers nearly $23 million in just one year.

ARC Fertility also earned the Outcomes Validation for their reduced rate of multiple births. A 2018 study found that if patients in ARC clinics had gone to other clinics, they would have had 363 more sets of twins and 12 more sets of triplets. Since multiple births are more demanding on mothers during both pregnancy and delivery and result in more health problems for children, it is preferable to have singleton rather than twin pregnancies. By choosing ARC Fertility, families and employers reduce both health risks and costs.

Taken together, these certifications support ARC’s quality and performance as the best and safest choice for parents looking to carefully plan their families and employers hoping to optimize employee health and benefits and minimize the costs when their employees are forming their families.

“ARC Fertility is proud to be the industry leader in predictable planning for families and singleton pregnancies,” says G. David Adamson. M.D., Founder and CEO of ARC Fertility. “According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, multiple pregnancies carry a higher risk of gestational hypertension, anemia, congenital birth defects, preterm labor and birth, and miscarriage. By taking extra care of our patients, we not only save employers costs but reduce harm to mothers and children.”

Benny DiCecca, CEO & President of the Validation Institute, said, “We congratulate ARC Fertility on the important and innovative work they are doing in fertility treatment options. They continue to be a best-in-class validated solution provider that employee health and benefit purchasers can look to when planning employee benefit options. We are so confident in the claims validated that we stand behind each of these validations with our own $25,000 financial Credibility Guarantee.”

About ARC® Fertility
ARC® Fertility is a nationwide network of top fertility clinics offering discounted treatment packages and financing for patients, as well as tools and technology to help manage IVF practices. Founded by physicians in 1997, ARC is the established leader in providing resources and services to patients through the ARC Success Program, ARC Pharmacy Plan, and the ARC Employer Program.

About Validation Institute
Validation Institute is an independent, objective, 3rd party organization on a mission to improve the quality and cost of healthcare. Based in Woburn, MA, the organization is made up of a network of health benefits purchasers, health benefits advisors, and healthcare solution providers focused on delivering better health value and stronger outcomes than conventional healthcare.

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