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What if we could guarantee you an embryo for transfer?

About the Guarantee

Euploid Embryo Guarantee

If you will be using donor eggs and want to optimize your chances for a positive outcome, consider the ARC Euploid Embryo Guarantee. It comes with a guarantee of 1 or 2 (depending on the package) PGT tested chromosomally normal, or euploid, embryos. This program combines the highest quality donors, advanced laboratory techniques, and state-of-the-art genetic testing technology to offer a guarantee that reduces the uncertainty inherent in the fertility journey.
Choose from two packages

  • Single Euploid Embryo Guarantee — at least one euploid embryo, but will aim to deliver two or more. (avg 2-3)
  • Double Euploid Embryo Guarantee — at least two euploid embryos, but will strive to deliver three or more. (avg 3-5)

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Learn about the Euploid Embryo Guarantee

Path to the Sun

Your Path Begins

Your path to parenthood begins with donor selection. You will be given access to a comprehensive database of highly qualified egg donors.

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Once You Choose

Once you choose your donor, you/your partner’s sperm will be sent to the Ovation Fertility lab where they will perform the fertilization of the donor eggs and perform genetic testing on the resulting embryos. You will be informed of the results of the genetic testing and all resulting euploid embryos will be shipped to your local fertility clinic.

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Your Guarantee

If your chosen donor does not produce the guaranteed number of euploid embryos, you can choose another donor from the database free of charge until you receive one or two euploid embryos. To qualify for the guarantee, you/your partner must be able to produce normal sperm.

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What our

Clients Say

Everyone that I spoke with was friendly and knowledgeable.
-Melissa S.

Each and every representative at ARC was a joy. Prompt, friendly, and caring – just what the doctor ordered.

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