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Genetic Testing

Considering Genetic Testing?

ARC is now offering the ability to bundle genetic testing service into your treatment package. We have established partnerships with the leading genetic testing companies so that you can include the cost of your genetic fertility testing along with your other fertility services and make just one monthly payment, if financing.

  • ARC will pay the genetic fertility testing company directly
  • PGT testing options

Consult with your fertility physician to learn more about genetic testing. In most clinics, there are two parts for the cost, the clinic fees (the biopsy) and the test fees themselves from the genetic testing company. If you and your physician determine that PGT is a good option for you, see which genetic testing companies your clinics work with and what your physician recommends. ARC has agreements with CooperGenomics (Reprogenetics and Genesis), Igenomix, Natera, Progenesis and Invitae.

Call the ARC Patient Services team to conveniently bundle PGT into your treatment package today!


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