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ARC's Core Services

Advanced Reproductive Care™, Inc. (ARC®) is the pioneer, established leader, and ongoing innovator in products and services that help people who share one common desire: having a baby. Operated by world-renowned fertility experts at the forefront of reproductive health research, we offer the latest evidence-based treatment options, the nation’s largest network of fertility specialists, exceptional patient support services, and innovative financing programs to make fertility care affordable and accessible to more people. Through our carefully selected network of top, board-certified fertility doctors, you can find the right doctor in a region close to you.

Why choose ARC?

Care Close to Home

We believe the best medicine is practiced locally. Through our carefully selected network of top, board-certified fertility doctors – the largest in the nation – you can find the right doctor in a region close to you.

Dr. David Adamson, CEO of ARC Fertility Honored by RESOLVE: The National Fertility Organization

Easy and Affordable Fertility Treatment

We help alleviate the financial burden that often comes with fertility care. We offer customized fertility care packages, treatment financing plans, drug payment plans, and a refund guarantee.

Continued Support

We understand the stress that comes with fertility treatment. We offer continued support by providing educational resources and tools on how to reduce stress and better manage your treatment.


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