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Additional Treatment Options

As a leader in fertility care, ARC® wants to make pregnancy as accessible and easy as possible. For this reason, we offer additional fertility treatment options tailored to your unique needs. In addition to our IVF treatment packages, many of our participating clinics offer more fertility treatments to help enhance your chances of having a baby. You can also finance some of these additional fertility treatment options through our affordable care options. Talk to your fertility doctor to find out if these options are right for you.

Tubal Reversal Option

Advanced Reproductive Care™ is proud to offer a solution to the financial challenges of surgical costs. The cost of tubal anastomosis (reversal) surgery is a factor that discourages many couples from pursuing this alternative. Read more about the Tubal Reversal Option.

Male TESA /MESA Package™

Testicular sperm aspiration (TESA) and microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration (MESA) are surgical methods to retrieve sperm from men whose low sperm counts are linked to infertility. This option is often available at clinics that offer sperm aspiration treatment to the male partner. Typically the package will cover the physician’s fee for the procedure. If the procedure is done on-site at the physician’s office, the fee for the facility can often be included. If it is done off-site, payment would be made by the patient to the facility.

PGD/PGS Option™

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) or preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) is a laboratory procedure that is done prior to transferring embryos created through in vitro fertilization in order to help identify genetic defects within the embryos. The procedure is primarily done to avoid passing on genetic disorders or diseases to a baby. Some fees associated with this procedure can be covered through ARC.

Freeze-all Packages™

A Freeze-all package is often done when patients elect PGD or PGS for their embryos.   After testing, the embryos are frozen and used in a frozen embryo transfer cycle at a later time. Many ARC network practices offer this package.

Surrogate/Gestational Carrier Packages™

The Gestational Carrier package is available to patients who are unable to carry a baby to term. The treatment option typically covers screening, in addition to monitoring for both the provider of the eggs as well as the gestational carrier. Most of these packages also include a frozen embryo transfer cycle.

Frozen Donor Egg & Donor Embryo Packages™

Frozen egg and frozen embryo donation is an affordable way to have a baby compared to adoption. This option can also provide value compared to the expense of using a fresh donor. Many ARC network clinics offer egg and embryo donation packages.

Fertility Preservation Package™

Patients who are undergoing cancer treatment, including radiation or chemotherapy, may have their fertility compromised from the treatments. They may wish to preserve their fertility through IVF. Because fertility may be compromised through these treatments, the Fertility Preservation packages preserve fertility via IVF. Patients elect to freeze eggs or embryos for future use prior to starting their cancer treatments.

Cryos Sperm & Frozen Egg Donor Options

Cryos was established in 1981 to help you find the sperm donor or egg donor who is right for you. Cryos has hundreds of frozen donor sperm and frozen donor eggs to choose from. A wide variety of races, ethnicities, and phenotypes are all free to search and view. Find out more about Cryos Sperm and Frozen Egg Donor Options

*Not all ARC member clinics offer every ARC package, please call ARC for package offerings and pricing for your clinic.

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