Surrogacy/Gestational Carrier Packages

What is a surrogate/gestational carrier?

Surrogacy occurs when a woman carries and gives birth to a child for an individual or couple. The surrogate is compensated for the risk and services she provides.

What is the surrogacy/gestational carrier process?

There are several gestational carrier agencies who offer surrogacy matching services that help individuals or couples find a surrogate. Picking a potential surrogate mother is a carefully evaluated process where the qualifications of candidates including criminal background checks, age, and more information are reviewed. The intended mother or egg donor provides the egg and the intended father or sperm donor provides the sperm. The egg from the intended mother or egg donor is removed and fertilized with the sperm to create an embryo. Then, the embryo is transferred to the surrogate who carries the child until birth. Since the embryo is created from the egg and sperm of the intended parents, the surrogate has no genetic connection to the child.

What is a Surrogacy/Gestational Carrier Package?

The treatment option typically covers screening, in addition to monitoring for both the provider of the eggs as well as the gestational carrier. Most of these packages also include a frozen embryo transfer cycle.

Who offers Surrogacy/Gestational Carrier Package?

The majority of ARC network medical practices offer surrogacy/gestational carrier packages for you to participate in.

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