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Cross Border IVF

ARC Fertility and Cross Border Reproductive Care for All Countries, including Europe

Cross Border Reproductive Care (CBRC) is an increasingly common occurrence. Estimates are that approximately 7% of European In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), which are the major type of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) cycles, involve patients leaving their own country to go to another.

Patients cross borders do so for a variety of reasons:

  • Desired service not available in home country (e.g. donor egg or sperm, gestational carrier or surrogate, preimplantation genetic diagnosis or screening)
  • Patient does not meet age, marital or other sexual orientation requirements to quality for the service.
  • Care more expensive in home country
  • Waiting list too long (e.g. for donor eggs)
  • Quality of care perceived to be higher outside of country
  • Patient desire for confidentiality in receiving service

Many European patients, and people from all over the world, come to United States to receive ART treatment because the regulations are generally more liberal, restrictions on access are much less, the cost-effectiveness of the care is high, care can be obtained immediately and patient confidentiality is preserved.

ARC Fertility has over 70 clinics in its network nationally, and many of them provide services to international patients, including a large number from Europe.

If you are interested in considering ART in the United States, please contact ARC so that we can refer you to a clinic that can provide the services you need. We will give you information on several clinics so that you can contact them and decide which one is best for you.

All of the ARC packages and Success Program packages are available to European patients who come to the United States for care. Unfortunately, ARC is not able to provide our financing programs to non-US residents. Please see more details on this website.

Since there are many aspects of Cross Border Reproductive Care (CBRC) that must be considered before undertaking such care, ARC provides a number of articles and other information to help you inform yourself about important things to know before leaving home for ART. We encourage you to review these articles that give an overview of this Cross Border Reproductive Care (CBRC) before making important decisions about this approach to treatment.


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Cross-border fertility care – International Committee Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technologies global survey: 2006 data and estimates

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