What Is The Fertility Egg Donation Process?

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A donated egg is a gift.

Donor Egg Packages

What is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is the process by which a woman, who is usually younger, provides eggs (ova, oocytes) to another person and/or partner for purposes of assisted reproduction so that the recipient of the eggs can have a baby with partner or donor sperm.

What is the Egg Donation process?

The fertility egg donation process involves retrieving eggs from a woman who has normally functioning ovaries. Following egg retrieval, the eggs are fertilized in the in vitro fertilization (IVF) lab using sperm from the receiving couple’s partner, or in certain situations with donor sperm. Following fertilization in the laboratory and growth of the embryos for either 3 or 5 days, the resulting embryos are transferred to the uterus of the woman who wishes to carry the baby. If a pregnancy is established, the receiving woman becomes the mother carrying the developing baby through the full term of the pregnancy and childbirth – with all the joys of experience that this affords.

With egg donation as an infertility treatment, thousands of couples have become parents with assistance. A couple may choose to know the identity of the woman donating the eggs, and vice versa, or the parties may choose to remain anonymous. Occasionally, a woman will have a younger sister, niece or friend donate eggs for them to use.

What is a Donor Egg Package?

Typically a Donor Egg Package offers the patient the opportunity to use donated eggs during a cycle of in-vitro fertilization. When the decision to use an egg donor is made before the purchase of an IVF Treatment Package, the cost of the clinical package is determined using the age of the donor, the combined clinical factors of the donor and the recipient, and the costs of the IVF program you have chosen.*

(*This varies from practice to practice)

Who offers Donor Egg Packages?

The majority of ARC network medical practices offer donor egg packages for you to participate in.

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