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Healthy Holiday Tips to Survive the Holidays and Enhance Your Fertility

by | Fertility Blog

This time of year, there’s an abundance of advice telling you how to remain healthy and avoid the stress of the holidays and the New Year. For couples trying to start a family and coping with infertility, the advice takes on special meaning as lifestyle choices – no matter the time of year – impact your fertility in major ways. And, for many, holidays without children – when you’ve been trying to have a baby – adds stress and sadness that make keeping health resolutions even more challenging.

As part of our wish for a happy, healthy holiday and year ahead, we share advice from RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association, with tips designed to keep your equilibrium when regular “baby blues” can turn into intense “holiday baby blues.”

Find Childfree Forms of Celebration and create your own holiday ritual without children: Do plan your own two-person holiday – consider taking a trip to ski or a spa getaway. Don’t put yourself through the extra stress of being around others who may not understand your challenges dealing with infertility. 

Be Selective About the Family Events You Will Attend: Think carefully about where and how you want join in. Taking control over how you participate can help you deal with the pain. Consider staying at a hotel instead of house full of babies or timing your arrival after children have opened their presents. You may improve your chances of having fun if you plan ahead.

Cheer Up Other Victims of Holiday Blues: Not everyone else will have a perfect Christmas, either. Do you know someone elderly, ill, or away from family who could use some cheering up? Helping others get into the holiday spirit can take the focus away from what you’re missing most this season.

Take Comfort in the Knowledge that Holiday Blues are Time Limited: The holidays don’t last forever. And, it’s perfectly fine to be relieved when the New Year begins.

Be Prepared with a Response to Questions about Children: Discuss with your partner one or two short and honest answers that will deflect questions directed to you about your plans for children. Remember that you have a right to privacy and don’t have any obligation to share information with anyone that you don’t want to. 

RESOLVE has compiled articles to offer insight and inspiration with what’s worked for others facing infertility during the holidays.

The holidays are also a time to remember the importance of healthy lifestyle choices. PositiveHealthWellness offers recommendations to follow now and year-round with the reminder that only you can improve your chances of becoming pregnant.

Anyone can experience stress during holidays – even for those who are not trying to conceive – so surround yourself with people who are supportive and participate in activities that help you stay positive and healthy.




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