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Want to Predict Whether IVF Might Work for You, and What it Costs? To Calculate Your Success Rate and Affordability Log On…

Want to Predict Whether IVF Might Work for You, and What it Costs? To Calculate Your Success Rate and Affordability Log On…

Trying to predict the future and whether it might include the patter of little feet is now a little easier with a breakthrough combination of tools that link assessment of your individual chances of getting pregnant using in vitro fertilization (IVF) with an estimate of what it might cost based on your unique chances of pregnancy. It’s where hope and reality meet.

To show couples that IVF treatment may well be within reach, ARC Fertility developed The ARC® Affordability Estimator that uses personal data-driven results from the ART Patient Predictor developed by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Therapy (SART). While the Patient Predictor calculates the probability of IVF success based on key factors, the Affordability Estimator produces a snap-shot of ARC multicycle treatment and financing packages – with estimated monthly payments – tied to those estimated outcomes. The result is financing that aligns affordability with the likelihood of success.

This highly informative approach begins by collecting individual information on the factors experts know influence a woman’s likelihood of getting pregnant to assess whether infertility treatment might be a good option to pursue. IVF – often not covered by insurance – can be costly, especially if multiple cycles are required.

SART’s cutting-edge predictor tool uses their extensive database on patient fertility treatment and outcomes using an algorithm that analyzes nearly 500,000 cycles of therapy for more than 320,000 US women since 2006. This first model is based on using only sequential transfers of fresh embryos, not results from frozen transfers. The online calculator also assumes that IVF treatment has not been previously tried.

Results from the Patient Predictor are based on answers to personal questions, most of which you can easily answer, such as age, height, weight and whether you’ve been pregnant and/or delivered babies and if so, how many times. Answering other questions may require information from your doctor, including the reasons for an infertility diagnosis and whether you plan to use your own eggs or donor eggs.

The Patient Predictor takes the personal information entered and calculates an individual patient’s chance of success after one, two, and three IVF treatment cycles. Using these specific results (“Cumulative Live Birth Rates”), the patient inputs them in the yellow box on the right and presses submit (see below):


The ARC® Affordability Estimator presents patients with their probability of success. This information is combined with the estimated treatment cost of The ARC© One-cycle Plus, Two-cycle Plus or Three-cycle Plus packages to enable each patient to select the package that’s best for them.


If you are taking the first steps of your fertility journey, this new tool can help you understand your chances of success using IVF and realize that it can be affordable through a multi-cycle treatment package and a monthly payment plan. If you are further along in your journey, it can help you decide which package will give you the best chances of success, based on your unique situation. It should not, however, be considered a substitute for working with your infertility specialist for a full diagnosis and discussing all your options. Your local ARC Fertility clinic can help you.

For now, think of using the SART Patient Predictor and The ARC® Affordability Estimator as a first step on your way to baby steps.