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Finance Professionals: The Unsung Heroes of Fertility

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In the world of forming and growing families, reproductive endocrinologists are at the front line working with people who are facing difficulty in having children. Whether it’s helping a same-sex couple find a surrogate, assisting a single woman in her forties to have a first child, or working with women in their twenties to freeze their eggs for future family planning, these medical specialists play a critical role in helping people not only manage complex medical situations, but also navigate the emotional aspects that often accompany infertility issues.

As important as the fertility doctors are, there’s a whole team of medical professionals and administrative personnel who work directly with patients and others looking to grow their families to help transform their dreams into reality. Today we want to focus on financial counselors.

Fertility Financing

While infertility is often seen as a medical issue, it is also a financial one. Many insurance policies do not cover the full cost of fertility medical treatments, leaving patients in a position where they must pay thousands of dollars for a chance to grow their families. In addition, gestational surrogacy and egg freezing are unfortunately not covered by most health insurance benefit programs, again leaving people in a position where they need to reach into their own pockets if they want a chance to expand their families.

Financial counselors play a key role in helping patients go through an IVF or IUI cycle. They are well trained personnel who have an in-depth knowledge of fertility treatments. They can counsel patients on the financial options that would best fit their budget. Without the expertise of financial counselors, many patients would simply give up and not have a child.

As everyone knows, the medical industry has lots of red tape and paperwork, and it can be very difficult to figure out what options exist for individuals and couples. Physicians provide medical expertise and recommendations, but finance teams are at the front lines of working with patients to put together the best possible fertility packages to realize their dreams. They often don’t get the recognition for a patient’s success because they are behind the scenes and not a member of the clinical team. Their expertise is an integral part of the patient’s success.

So today we want to thank the financial counselors for their dedication to helping patients achieve their dreams of having a baby. We appreciate their compassion and determination to analyze patients’ fertility benefits and provide additional resources to help them find ways to afford their infertility treatments. They are true invisible heroes.

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