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Feeling Nervous About Making an Appointment with a Fertility Clinic?

by | Fertility Blog, Katie's Journey

Woman contemplating seeking fertility treatment

Your journey to parenthood isn’t going as you expected or planned. Maybe you’ve been trying for many months or even years without ever seeing a positive pregnancy test. Maybe you’ve endured multiple losses. Or maybe you’re in the LBGTQ community or single parent by choice. Whatever your situation is, the thought of seeking medical help in order to have a baby is daunting, overwhelming, confusing and maybe even scary. There are so many factors to consider and having a baby is likely one of the biggest priorities of your life at the moment. It’s perfectly normal to feel big emotions. However, reminding yourself that you are getting yourself into the best position possible to reach your goals can help to quell your fears.  

I’ve had the privilege of mentoring a few friends through their infertility journeys and one of the biggest things that I stress upon them is that they are doing the best thing for the family they are fighting for. There is a sense of peace that comes with knowing that you are in the right place with experts who make the dream you have come true for many families every month. Not only are Reproductive Endocrinologists (RE) better equipped for testing and procedures than the average OBGYN, but they also have a trained eye specific to infertility. Within 30 seconds of my initial ultrasound with my RE, he identified a potential issue that was missed through months of prior ultrasounds. Immediately I knew I had made the right decision and was hopeful that I would get answers to the questions I had been seeking.  

If you are unsure about what clinic to call or what to expect throughout the entire process, organizations like ARC Fertility have vetted providers they partner with nationwide. Using their “find a clinic” tool, you can easily find a clinic near you and feel confident that the RE’s have met ARC’s strict criteria. Perhaps one of the most reassuring benefits of ARC Fertility is that you have a dedicated care team to support you through your treatment journey and walk you through all of the patient benefits available like financing options and treatment packages.  

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