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Empowering Change: ARC Fertility’s Role in National Infertility Awareness Week

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Find Your Voice NIAW

National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) is observed annually during the last week of April to raise awareness about infertility and its impact on individuals, families, and society. The goal is to encourage individuals and communities to talk more openly and honestly about infertility, to reduce stigma and shame, and to increase support and resources for those struggling to build their families.

Infertility Statistics

Infertility affects millions in the United States, with an estimated one in eight couples facing challenges in conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term. Additionally, many single people and those in the LGBTQ+ community need fertility assistance to form their families. Despite the prevalence of this issue, there are still many misconceptions and myths surrounding infertility, which can make it difficult for those affected to seek help and support.

One of our core values at ARC Fertility is authenticity, which means being honest and transparent with patients about their options, chances of success, and the costs involved. By demystifying the fertility treatment process and giving patients the information they need to make wise decisions, we can empower them to take control of their fertility journey.

Resolve: The National Infertility Association

We have always been passionate about changing the conversation regarding infertility, especially through our partnership with Resolve is the national organization that provides infertility support and resources and advocates for policies and laws that advance reproductive health and rights. As a proud partner of Resolve for over 3 decades, we are happy to support its mission to build an educated community with support and encouragement and to increase access to care for all.

Reducing the Stigma of Infertility

Reducing the stigma surrounding infertility and increasing access to information, resources, and support is especially important for single parents and LGBTQ+ individuals who may face additional challenges when trying to conceive, such as discrimination and limited access to reproductive healthcare. By promoting awareness and understanding, we can create a more inclusive and supportive community that empowers all individuals to make informed choices about their reproductive health and family-building options.

Accessible and Affordable Fertility Care

Advocating for increased access to fertility treatments and services is crucial in creating a more inclusive society for anyone seeking to form a family. Fertility care should be available to everyone who needs it, regardless of their financial situation. Bills like the Right to Build Families Act — currently under consideration in Congress — will help offset the high costs of fertility treatments and adoption, making it more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Raising Awareness About Infertility

Raising awareness about the challenges individuals and couples face with infertility and the importance of access to high-quality, affordable fertility care is essential. By participating in events like Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C., we have been able to lend our voices to critical issues like insurance coverage and research funding for fertility treatments. Advocacy Day also helps foster relationships with lawmakers and stakeholders, driving positive change for the future.

American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)

We must stay current on the latest research and best practices in reproductive medicine if we hope to effectively make progress. Being a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) helps ARC Fertility access innovative research, industry news, and networking opportunities with other leading fertility specialists. With the resources and expertise from ASRM, patients know they will receive the assistance they need from top fertility specialists who adhere to the highest standards of care.

Together, we can make it easier for prospective parents to start a family by partnering with advocacy organizations, supporting fertility rights, staying up-to-date with the latest research, making employee benefits accessible, and simply having open conversations about infertility. This NIAW, let’s raise awareness and support our friends and family seeking affordable fertility care.

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