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Success with ARC Fertility

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Trying to get pregnant using in vitro fertilization (IVF), or other assisted reproductive techniques, usually requires a sizable investment of time and money. Still, if a baby is the result, could there be any better return?

Getting and paying for fertility treatment can be complicated. The majority of patients don’t get pregnant the first time. So, to keep trying involves the purchase of a separate cycle of treatment each time the cycle doesn’t work. Many patients choose to finance their treatment, but if they only finance one cycle at a time, they face the potential of less favorable financial terms or even failure to qualify for a second loan. To learn about your individual chance of becoming pregnant, check the SART Patient Predictor tool.

Providing access to care is at the heart of The ARC Fertility Success Program. The appeal of multicycle programs is that patients are offered more tries at a lower cost per try by purchasing multiple cycles in advance. Our program is available in conjunction with our 2 and 3-cycle plus and offers a refund on the remaining cycles if the patient gets pregnant on an initial cycle. This approach offers peace of mind, with patients knowing they can afford several attempts and if they get pregnant and have a live birth on an initial cycle, they’ll receive a refund for any unused cycles. To learn more about The ARC Success Program, click here.

A discussion of the pros and cons of different types of programs to address the financial burden when multiple IVF cycles are needed appeared in New York Times money feature “A Baby or Your Money Back: All About Fertility Clinic Deals”. The article includes a review of various approaches by FertilityIQ, a non-profit started by a husband and wife who experienced their own infertility trials. The couple notes some programs “game” the odds of your success and likely refund, if not, by applying strict eligibility criteria on factors known to affect fertility such as age, weight and infertility diagnosis. For example, the patient may be required to be under the age of 37, never have had a miscarriage or failed IVF cycle, have a normal BMI and encouraging blood levels.

By allowing only certain patients to participate, such programs increase rates of early success, minimizing the need to refund payment after multiple attempts at pregnancy and also describe success rates that are unrealistic for all. ARC’s program is unique as there are no eligibility requirements to participate and purchase a multicycle or refund plan (Success Program).

A recent blog on FertilityIQ’s website, begins with a stark statistic: 70% of IVF cycles fail. The site provides information on how different types of programs work – including comparing the math on different options, and with specific organizations. They offer data, advice and caveats. They cite ARC as one of two examples of a third party that offers treatment plans as opposed to clinics themselves. They believe when patients do a refund program through a third party, they are more likely to receive a refund compared with programs administered by a clinic itself. They note that ARC – who has no financial interest in the clinics that offer its program – offers refunds if the patient succeeds and still has unused cycles. According to FertilityIQ “This is an enormous departure from every other refund program in the U.S. This is a partial refund of pre-paid services never used.”

Ultimately, what’s the best measure of the ARC Success Program?  Babies!

I now have a three-month baby girl! I have ARC Fertility to thank.

Heather Shurina, 31, tried to conceive for two and a half years. She called ARC and “was greeted with an incredibly friendly and supportive voice.” After going over options, she chose The Success Program that covered two full rounds of IVF and up to 2 additional frozen embryo transfers. Heather adds “if the first round was successful, my loan would be credited back for the second. I set everything up that day and was able to start a new round of IVF the very next month – that round was successful. ARC restored my hope.”

We now have twin girls! ARC was essential to the success of our IVF treatments

For Chris and Mary Lei, ARC offered peace of mind, including financially. “Although we had the financial means to pay in full for one round of treatments, ARC’s Success Program gave us the ability to maintain our personal savings and the reassurance that if our first round was not successful, we could try again without an additional financial burden. The appeal was that if our first round was successful we would be reimbursed a portion of our payments so that we weren’t spending money unnecessarily.”

Mary Lei adds “We were fortunate and blessed enough to have had a successful first treatment and now have beautiful twin girls! ARC made everything simple and easy from setting our account up, to ensuring our payments reflected the reimbursement after the birth of our girls. In the end, it was one less thing to worry about while trying to start our family.”

As with any decision on infertility treatment, it’s a good idea to talk to your physician and other experts – even patients who have experience with your potential program. It’s important to make an informed decision and plans vary widely based on the clinic or who administers the program. We wish you every success as you begin or continue your fertility journey.

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