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Finding Support Through Infertility

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Infertility is not a journey meant to be embarked upon alone. The physical and emotional toll it takes on you feels like you’re constantly carrying a weight around with you. If you have someone or a group of people to give some of that weight to, carrying it starts to seem a little easier. People want to receive support in different ways. It’s not a one size fits all scenario. Some find support groups, whether in person or virtual, while some may prefer to find a mentor. Some are more comfortable putting themselves out there in writing in online support groups while others are comfortable enough to make videos about their journey on social media. No matter what environment you prefer, there is support for you out there.  

There are hundreds of infertility support groups that meet both in person or virtually on a regular basis. You can find these groups through organizations like ARC Fertility or your local hospital network or place of worship. These groups offer a safe space for you to express anything and everything you are feeling, and you can be confident that those listening understand where you are coming from on a deeper level than most friends and family. Some may find these groups to be a bit heavy so alternatively, you could seek out a mentor! If you know someone personally who has experienced infertility, reach out and see if they would be willing to mentor you through the process and act as your support person. If you don’t know anyone personally, I would imagine a support group leader would be a wonderful resource to connect you to a mentor.  

Infertility can feel extremely lonely, so it’s surprising when you find hundreds or thousands of women all experiencing infertility at the same time as you. Facebook has multiple groups dedicated to infertility, TTC and specific diagnoses like PCOS or Endometriosis for example. You can find support 24/7 through these groups, and you can give support right back which is therapeutic in its own way. TikTok has a wonderfully supportive infertility community. You don’t have to become a creator in order to benefit from this outlet! You can find multiple creators and follow their journeys. Hearing women’s stories and seeing the faces of infertility, it brings you a sense of connection to the community. If you are comfortable enough, you can become a creator and document your journey. This helps bring awareness to infertility and the very real challenges it presents.  

The infertility community is a supportive and uplifting group of women whose journeys look different but share a common goal of adding a child to their family. The level to which you seek out the community is up to you, but please know that you are not alone and there are people out there who will cry with you, laugh with you, give advice or lend an ear when you need it.  

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