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FertilityNow App Calculates Chances of Pregnancy With and Without IVF

New tool developed by renowned fertility expert enhances treatment decisions

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 13, 2020 / — FertilityNow, a new tool available in the Apple App Store, will estimate the chances of getting pregnant for individuals and couples attempting on their own, with non-IVF fertility treatment, and with in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Developed by world-renowned, board-certified fertility expert and pioneer G. David Adamson, M.D., who is also the founder of ARC® Fertility and Clinical Professor, ACF at Stanford University School of Medicine, FertilityNow employs an advanced algorithm that uses a robust set of factors proven to influence fertility. The app provides individualized information to help individuals and couples understand their reproductive health, whether they are planning to get pregnant, attempting pregnancy, or considering IVF.

Apps related to fertility and women’s health are part of a movement to empower women and men to better understand their own biology without frequent trips to a doctor’s office. “I’ve spent my career helping people facing the challenge of infertility,” says Adamson. “FertilityNow will give patients useful, actionable information as they make decisions about treatment with their doctor.”

The FertilityNow app can also be used by employees working for organizations participating in The ARC® Fertility Employer program. Employees can view and check on their benefits provided by their employer, including coverage options for treatment, medications, egg freezing, and genetic testing. With more information about their unique situation, patients, partners, and their doctors are primed for effective decision-making. Using tools with evidence-based data that support predictive algorithms can make a difference. For more information, please visit the FertilityNow app.

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