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Fertility Counseling Clinical Guide

Fertility Counseling: Clinical Guide

2nd Edition
Sharon N. Covington, MSW, LCSW-C
Shady Grove Fertility, Rockville, MD

The second edition of the essential guide for reproductive professionals is now available in a Clinical Guide and a Case Studies Guide, presenting the most current knowledge on counseling diverse patients amidst rapidly advancing modern technology. Follow an in-depth presentation of clinical concepts in this Clinical Guide for a foundational understanding of the medical and psychosocial experience of fertility treatment. Explore the areas of reproductive psychology, therapeutic approaches, assessment and preparation in assisted reproduction, addressing the needs of diverse populations, and clinical practice issues. Featuring new topics such as transgender ART, recurrent pregnancy loss, post-partum adjustment, and the pregnant therapist.

Fertility Counseling: Case Studies

In Case Studies, discover the accessible, realworld experiences and perspectives as leading international practitioners share their stories applying clinical concepts to treatment practice. An essential aid for medical and mental health professionals, this comprehensive guide allows clinicians to develop and refine the skills required to address the increasingly complex psychosocial needs of fertility patients.


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Fertility Counseling: Case Studies

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