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Fertility Benefits for Women  

Women are some of the highest achievers in technology, and yet face an uphill battle to succeed in a male-dominated industry. Companies that offer fertility benefits and stigma-free maternity leave are more likely to hire and retain the most dynamic, diverse workforce.

The creative and enterprising women working in technology have been some of our most exciting business leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Women like YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and Microsoft Chief Digital Officer Jacky Wright are just two examples of how women are reshaping technology, the business landscape, and opportunity for their fellow women. 

The successes women have achieved in technology are especially impressive given the challenges inherent to rising through the ranks of tech companies. Motivated women often have to work twice as hard (“backwards in heels”) as their male coworkers to get noticed and reach a position where they can forge company policy and the career they want.

These challenges have knock-on effects on female employees’ private lives, especially their ability to have children early in their lives. In any fast-moving, competitive field, taking time out of one’s career can be a dangerous step back, especially the time for a reasonable maternity leave. Technology, especially, changes so fast a woman can take time off to have a baby and come back to find her entire business upended.

Fertility Preservation and Egg Freezing

For these reasons and more, women in tech are waiting longer to have children, preferring to be fully secure in their careers and positions before taking that much time off. Thankfully, medical technology allows women to harvest and freeze their eggs for when they are ready to grow their families. Women in tech are even hosting “egg freezing parties” to show support and solidarity.   

Fertility Benefits Can Attract and Retain Top Talent

The tech industry is famous for top-flight benefits, which in today’s workplace should absolutely include access to fertility care like egg-freezing, in-vitro fertilization, and more. For employees, this can mean the difference between having the family they want and forgoing a happy personal life. For employers, providing comprehensive fertility care will help achieve diversity goals. Companies that treat their employees with respect and consideration will hire and retain more women and attract their partners as well. 

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