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Dr. Adamson Quoted in Economist Article


Dr. Adamson was quoted in an article in The Economist. Here is an excerpt.

“…Can IVF be made cheaper? Experts see two ways to try. The first is to cut the use of drugs, tests or procedures that for many couples are clearly unnecessary. The second is to work out how the cost and effectiveness of simpler methods compare with those of the standard package…

“…Some cost-cutting techniques could make IVF less effective. However, in some cases the trade-off may be worth it, says David Adamson of the International Committee Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Lower doses of pricey IVF drugs, for example, reduce the chance of conceiving a baby on each try. But the time it takes to bring home a baby is, on average, similar and the total cost lower under such a regimen, some studies suggest (you simply try the cheaper intervention more often). It also results in fewer complications from the IVF drugs and fewer multiple births. This “mild IVF” approach is increasingly popular in some countries, including Japan, France and the Netherlands.”

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