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ARC Fertility: National Men’s Health Month is the Time to Focus on Male Fertility

ARC Fertility: National Men’s Health Month is the Time to Focus on Male Fertility

Family-forming benefits – including for single men, trans men, and men in same-sex relationships – helps companies attract and retain high-quality, diverse employees

Cupertino, CA (June 16, 2022) – ARC Fertility, a pioneer in innovative fertility treatment options, today reiterated its support for National Men’s Health Month. Created in 1992, this event encourages men to take care of their bodies by eating right, exercising, and working to prevent disease. Men’s Health Month also presents an opportunity to focus conversations about fertility around mental health issues because half of all issues related to forming families involve male partners.

“Fertility is a vital and often-overlooked aspect of health and wellness for men,” says G. David Adamson. M.D., Founder and CEO of ARC Fertility. “By being more open, understanding, and analytical in discussing male fertility issues, we can help thousands of men find paths to reproductive wellness and an escape from the shame and trauma that can accompany these issues. Companies that embrace a comprehensive and diversity-forward approach to male fertility will attract the best and most loyal employees.”

Fertility issues are also diversity issues, as many employers and health plans do not cover fertility treatments for single men, trans men, or men in same-sex relationships. Lack of access to key benefits can be a major stressor that discourages and leads to mental distress among diverse employees. National Men’s Health Month is a great time to consider the reproductive and mental health needs of men no matter what their background.

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