The ARC® Fertility Employer Program

Broader Access to Affordable Fertility Solutions

ARC® Fertility  partners with Employers to enable their Employees to access high quality cost-effective fertility care

ARC Fertility is unique, the largest, most established, physician-led network of top, board-certified fertility specialists across the US. The ARC® Network was founded in 1997 and has served over 30,000 patients. Your employees will be able to find the right doctor close to their homes.

Flexible programs and comprehensive services make it easy for you to deliver cost-effective, competitive benefits solutions to your company. Fertility coverage helps create a family-friendly environment, positive and inclusive work culture, and attracts top talent.

The ARC Fertility Employer Program is flexible and easy to implement at any time: any size employer can choose the level of benefits they wish to provide for their employees.

The ARC® Fertility Employer Program

Comprehensive care, predictable pricing, affordable financing, best outcomes

We provide a single point of contact that provides personalized concierge service for your employees to obtain information, advice and education. We also provide an introduction to local fertility specialists who practice according to national standards. Your employees get needed guidance and treatment to streamline their fertility journey, with less cost of time and energy and fewer distractions from their usual daily activities.

ARC Fertility offers set prices and multi-cycle packages that bring predictability and the best chance for a baby. These packages can be combined with flexible financing options that make it easy and affordable for your employees to receive quality care based on individualized treatment following accepted national guidelines.

ARC Fertility also offers a comprehensive suite of treatment and financial packages, including egg freezing and gestational carrier, for a customized fit for your company benefits needs.

ARC Fertility can bundle treatment costs, medications and genetic screening when additional treatment beyond usual coverage is needed. ARC Fertility will help Employees obtain financing into one easy monthly payment.

ARC Fertility offers a choice of employer-employee participation in the fertility benefit design which could include a program to promote healthy reproductive lifestyle and outcomes.

Some Fertility Facts

  • Infertility is a disease recognized by the World Health Organization and  the American Medical Association
  • 1 in 8 individuals in the US are infertile; more than breast cancer or diabetes
  • Both women and men are affected
  • 50% never seek care and 30% who do never start treatment, mostly due to absence of coverage
  • Infertility causes significant stress; 55% believe it is as stressful as cancer and 61% more stressful than divorce

Growing Fertility Coverage

Fertility benefits are on the rise

  • 66% of employers will offer fertility benefits by 2019, up from 55% in 2017
  • 81% of employers who offer fertility benefits plan to extend these benefits
  • Increasing awareness driving inclusion in healthcare benefits

(Wills Towers, Watson, Best Practices in Health Care Employer, 22nd Annual survey, 2017)

Coverage results in healthier women and babies, and reduces health care costs

  • Coverage results in healthier women and babies (New England Journal of Medicine, August 2002)
  • Implementation of a public IVF program favoring single embryo transfer not only sharply decreases the incidence of multiple pregnancy, but also reduces the cost per live birth (Human Reproduction, June 2014)

Employee perspective of fertility benefits

ARC Fertility joined forces with Resolve, The National Infertility Association, and EMD Serono, to survey 702 employees anonymously who had at least one in-vitro fertilization (IVF) egg retrieval in the U.S. They assessed how infertility benefits offered as part of their employee’s health insurance impacted their relationship with their employer. (July/August 2016). This survey showed that people needing IVF with employer-provided infertility/IVF health insurance have higher satisfaction with their employer; they were less likely to miss work because of infertility, more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work, and they felt more loyal to their employer.

Why The ARC Fertility Employer Program Is Right For Your Company

ARC Fertility was founded in 1997 by Dr. David Adamson, an internationally-recognized leader in fertility medicine. ARC Fertility has assisted over 30,000 patients to achieve their goal of building a family. Today the ARC® Fertility Network comprises 78 active clinics, 277 leading physicians and 210+ locations in the U.S. to ensure your employees have access to the best clinical care in a region close to their home. Dr. Adamson remains a practicing board certified reproductive endocrinologist and a Clinical Professor at Stanford University and University of California San Francisco, as well as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at ARC Fertility.

All ARC Fertility services are available to your employees whether you provide full or partial subsidy, or even no subsidy, to support their fertility treatment. If you do provide a fertility benefit amount, ARC Fertility will ensure your employee maximizes the value from that contribution with the goal of achieving a healthy live birth.

The goal is a healthy singleton baby, but the cost of an IVF cycle can drive a couple to transfer multiple embryos with the risk of getting twins or even triplets. This can lead to serious and expensive health complications for mother and babies which are then paid by the employer medical benefits. The impact of multiple births on employers can be absenteeism, lost productively and short and long-term disability. The ARC Employer Program is focused on good outcomes and streamlined concierge employee support for effective use of benefits provided.

ARC concierge services provide your employees with educational programs, web portal access to people and information, and telehealth service for their convenience during treatment. We welcome the opportunity to provide tailored programs that address your employee needs and your company benefit goals.

Having a family is fundamental to the lives of many American women and men. Being unable to have a child is life-altering and causes significant disruption to people’s personal and work lives. Fertility coverage not only increases the chance of having a family but brings non-medical benefits to the people directly involved, their families and their employers.

Benefits to Companies with The ARC Employer Program

  • Optimize your company’s fertility benefits
  • Make fertility benefits cost neutral
  • Reinforce your company values to create a family-friendly environment, positive and inclusive work culture
  • Zero cost Option: Employer contribution can be zero, but treatment is still made affordable through predictable pricing, multi-cycle packages at reduced cost, financing and refund guarantees
  • Employer chooses contribution amount or number of bundled packages, specifically designed for the employer and their goals
  • No PEPM or Administrative fees
  • Ability to know and control the cost of the benefit
  • Complete control over fertility program contribution
  • Ability to attract and retain employees with sought-after services such as egg freezing
  • High quality fertility care for employees by board-certified reproductive endocrinologists in largest, most established, physician-led network
  • Physician-led fertility benefit program design ensures employer expectations are aligned with outcomes and helps company deliver cost-effective benefits
  • Mitigate emotional distraction of fertility issues and reduce productivity loss
  • Provide employees options for multi-cycle packages to eliminate pressure for multiple embryo transfers
  • Personalized Concierge Services, including education, counseling and advising reduces time, energy and distraction for employees

Benefits to Employees with The ARC Employer Program

  • Access to leading Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologists for consultations for diagnosis, advice and treatment
  • Streamlined employee infertility journey through concierge service, education, counselling and support to reduce emotional and financial stress
  • Telehealth convenience
  • Access to high quality, cost-effective care, through evidence and guideline-based standards
  • Financing of packages, medications and pre-implantation genetic testing (PGS/PGD)
  • Egg freezing options, Egg Bank and Gestational Carrier options
  • Multi-cycle options reduce fear that multiple-embryo transfer occurs because there is only “one-shot” at building a family
  • Best chance for a baby through multi-cycle bundled services

Design a Family-Building Benefit

Create Umbrella Benefit Program that is Inclusive of All Employees

Create an umbrella benefit supporting an employee’s choice of how to build a family. This type of benefit allows an employer to be inclusive of a broad spectrum of employees.

Adoption is an excellent option to have a family. While ARC Fertility does not have programs for adoption, we can provide a list of resources for adoption services.

To explore how to have your Company or Employer be part of The ARC Fertility Employer Program

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