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ARC Fertility partners with Employers to enable their Employees to access high-quality cost-effective fertility care, and the best outcomes, and enables Employers to attract today’s top talent.

Case Studies

How Picsart Integrated Family Building Benefits with ARC® Fertility

How Picsart Integrated Family Building Benefits with ARC® Fertility

Integrating Family Building Benefits with ARC Fertility
As the #1 creative platform in today’s creator economy, Picsart prioritizes the well-being of its 150 million active creators. Discover how ARC Fertility’s tailored family-forming benefits, seamlessly integrated by Picsart, not only compete with industry giants but redefine workplace support, making the journey to parenthood easier for every employee.

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Planisware: Supporting Inclusiveness, Diversity, and Families with ARC® Fertility

Planisware: Supporting Inclusiveness, Diversity, and Families with ARC® Fertility

Supporting Inclusiveness, Diversity, and Families with ARC Fertility
Planisware, a global leader in project portfolio management, joins forces with ARC Fertility to champion inclusiveness and diversity. Beyond software innovation, Planisware prioritizes its workforce, offering comprehensive family-forming benefits that redefine the employee experience and reinforce a commitment to diverse and inclusive family-building solutions.

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ARC Fertility is unique, the largest, most established, physician-led network of top, board-certified fertility specialists across the US. The ARC® Network was founded in 1997 and has served over 77,000 families. Your employees will be able to find the right doctor close to their homes.

Flexible programs and comprehensive services make it easy for you to deliver cost-effective, competitive benefits solutions to your company. Fertility coverage helps create a family-friendly environment, a positive and inclusive work culture, and attracts today’s top talent.

The ARC Fertility Employer Program is flexible and easy to implement at any time: any employer can choose the level of benefits they wish to provide for their employees.

What’s New

Family-forming benefits are increasingly recognized as a must-have for employers and employees. But how can benefit managers, CFOs, and company leaders know which benefits to implement? This presentation will discuss the innovative features necessary to choose a successful, high-value program that meets the needs of your company and your employees.



ARC Newsletter Summer 2024
ARC Newsletter Summer 2024

Single Parenthood and Fertility Care

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Mental Wellness and Fertility Treatment

ARC Newsletter November 2023
ARC Newsletter November 2023

Private Practices and the Cost of Care

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ARC Newsletter September 2023

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#David Adamson thINCc360 Interview with Mabel Jong
Forty percent of employers now offer fertility benefits compared to thirty percent in 2020.

Listen to a wide ranging conversation about companies, health care and delivering higher value fertility benefits at a lower cost, with better outcomes.

Mabel Jong, Executive Producer & Host, HealthDay Now at HealthDay News talks with Dr. Adamson, CEO of ARC Fertility at thINCc360, the Healthcare Innovation Congress in June of 2023.

#Family-Forming Benefits Add Value for Companies, Quality for Employees
Family-Forming Benefits Add Value for Companies, Quality for Employees | Day One & ARC Fertility

Day One and ARC Fertility CEO discuss how companies can identify high-value family-forming benefits.

#Validation Institute Documents ARC's Superior Care and Cost Savings
Validation Institute Podcast with Dr. Adamson

The Validation Institute documents ARC’s superior care and cost savings to employers. The Validation Institute is a highly respected and regarded national organization that provides real validation for health care and outcomes and for what companies are doing.

#Companies Increasingly Offering Fertility Benefits
Companies increasingly offering fertility benefits to employees

As the “Great Resignation” persists, more companies are beginning to offer fertility benefits like egg freezing and IVF. NBC News’ Jacob Ward spoke to employees at one tech company about the impact of workplaces taking charge in helping employees have children.

#Dr. Adamson of ARC & Elizabeth Maddick of PicsArt Talk Fertility Benefits
Fertility Care: New Employer Opportunity to Build an Inclusive, Innovative, Cost-Effective Benefit

G. David Adamson MD FRCSC, FACOG, FACS, Founder, Chairman and CEO of ARC® Fertility, Barbara Collura, President, and CEO of Resolve, and Elizabeth Maddick, Director of People at PicsArt

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Webinars & Podcasts

Validation Institute and ARC present Empowering Women with Workplace Family Forming and Fertility Benefits as Strategic Investments for Employee and Company Success

Empowering Women with Workplace Family Forming and Fertility Benefits as Strategic Investments for Employee and Company Success

Validation Institute | Sponsored by ARC Fertility

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Upcoming Webinar: Processing Infertility and Child Loss
Processing Infertility and Child Loss – A Free Webinar

National Council for Adoption

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Adoption after Infertility
Adoption after Infertility – A Free Webinar

National Council for Adoption

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Providing Financial Support
Providing Patient Financial Support Amidst an Economic Disaster

Unemployment, reduced hours, pay cuts. The reality of the COVID-19 Pandemic extends far beyond the pausing of fertility treatments. Over 60% of our country has been financially impacted by stay-at-home orders and social distancing. While clinics are working hard to keep patients in their funnels to start treatment once restrictions are limited, how are these patients going to afford the treatment? It’s not out of line to think that the demand for new financial resources will go up and the need for financing of treatments will increase. But, as we all know, discussing money can be sensitive, especially when it comes along with an infertility journey.

So, When do we talk about it with our patients? How do we talk about it with them? What can we do to help our patients afford proper care while the economy is in a downturn?

On this special episode of Inside Reproductive Health, Griffin talks to Dr. David Adamson of ARC Fertility and Andy Swan of Ally Lending. They discuss not only the changes we can expect in lending and patient decision-making post-pandemic, they also offer advice to financial counselors on approaching the sensitive topic of funding treatment.

This episode was recorded during a live webinar. As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues and new issues arise, we are putting out new information to help you and your fertility business. Follow us on social media for updates on upcoming webinars and how to join them live. Find this information helpful? We’d love it if you’d share with a friend or colleague in the fertility space.

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Understand Your Reproductive Health

The FertilityNow program can help you find a fertility specialist near you and to understand the cost, and your options for fertility treatment packages and financing. Through the FertilityNow program you have access to referral services that allow you to locate a network of physician specialists in in fertility and reproductive medicine. The FertilityNow program also provides information on our financial products and services to secure a plan for the financing of reproductive health care.

Developed by medical experts, the FertilityNow app helps you assess your fertility and provides in-depth resources to build your family. The app offers personalized information to help individuals and couples understand their reproductive health, whether they are planning to get pregnant, attempting pregnancy, or considering IVF.

FertilityNow employs an advanced algorithm that uses a robust set of factors proven to influence fertility. Complete surveys to estimate your chances for pregnancy with and without fertility treatment, and receive customized articles based on your responses.

FertilityNow can also be used by employees working for organizations participating in The ARC® Fertility Employer program. You can easily access information about your employee benefits, including coverage options for treatment, medications, egg freezing, and genetic testing.

The FertilityNow app is available on Android and iOS 

Download the app now through Google Play or the App Store.

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Start building better fertility solutions today

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Start building better fertility solutions today

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