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Book Release Highlights the Power of Family-Forming Benefits to Transform Workplaces

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The Benefits Revolution

In the ever-evolving landscape of employee benefits, Dr. David Adamson, MD, Founder and CEO, ARC Fertility, stands as a beacon of change as he shares insights on family-forming benefits in the newly released book, Benefits Revolution: The Next Generation of Employer-Sponsored Healthcare

Dr. Adamson’s chapter illuminates a crucial aspect often overlooked in traditional corporate benefits: family-forming benefits like fertility care and infertility treatments. In a world where conventional benefits often miss the mark and may not help companies to attract and retain employees, these innovative solutions have the power to reshape workplaces and enhance lives — all while saving employers money in the long run.

Dr. Adamson, a renowned reproductive endocrinologist and surgeon, brings his wealth of experience to employer and benefits audiences nationwide.  His expertise extends from prestigious clinical professorships at Stanford University and the University of California San Francisco to leadership roles in prominent organizations like the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. At ARC Fertility, he pioneers a mission to transform the way companies approach employee benefits, focusing on empowering families through inclusive fertility benefits.

Benefits Revolution: The Next Generation of Employer-Sponsored Healthcare is a roadmap for employers seeking to create meaningful, impactful benefits for their employees, and Dr. Adamson’s chapter offers actionable steps for benefits advisors. By integrating family-forming benefits into health plans, employers can not only enhance employee satisfaction but also address essential aspects like diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and social determinants of health (SDOH). 

At ARC Fertility, founded in 1997, the mission is clear: increase access to affordable, high-quality reproductive care for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Through a vast network of top-tier fertility clinics, ARC Fertility delivers high-value fertility and family-forming benefits directly to patients. These benefits encompass a spectrum of services, from fertility treatments and genetic testing to reproductive health solutions and fertility financing options.

For employers seeking to improve overall wellness, productivity and retention in the workplace, family-forming benefits are no longer a luxury for employees; they are a necessity. ARC Fertility’s innovative approach not only ensures cost-effective solutions but also nurtures a workplace culture that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. By offering benefits like IVF treatments, egg freezing, pregnancy support, and genetic testing, employers can create environments where every employee feels valued, included and supported in their family-building journey.

The world of employee benefits is undergoing a transformation, and family-forming benefits are at the forefront. With Dr. David Adamson’s expertise and ARC Fertility’s comprehensive solutions, the future of workplace benefits is not just about policies; it’s about empowering dreams, fostering families, and, ultimately, building a more compassionate and inclusive society, one workplace at a time.

Benefits Revolution: The Next Generation of Employer-Sponsored Healthcare is now available on Amazon.

To explore the transformative potential of family-forming benefits and learn more about ARC Fertility’s mission, visit

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