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Texas Fertility Center

About this fertility clinic

At TFC we understand that trying to conceive a child under the best of circumstances is full of emotional highs and lows. Adding infertility often leaves couples feeling vulnerable and frustrated. It is our mission to make certain that each individual that walks through the door at TFC feels safe, secure and in control of their reproductive health.

The Texas Fertility Center has been providing state of the art fertility care for Central Texas and Southwestern US since 1980 and has many years of combined medical experience. We are among the country’s most renowned fertility clinics and to date TFC has had the privilege of helping to bring over 10,000 babies into the world. We sincerely believe that our success is a direct result of our individualized, supportive approach to fertility care.

At TFC we believe that treating infertility involves many different types of people. From our business office, nursing staff, embryologists and doctors we are all committed to providing the most current and honest information about your care. We will always provide you with truthful assessments of your medical and treatment options as well as the anticipated cost and insurance benefits involved. Your treatment plan will be tailored to optimize your success over the shortest period of time and insurance and financial issues will always be considered. The staff at TFC will help to guide you through your care options while still allowing you to be in control of the ultimate decisions.

Our clinical staff will consider the least invasive treatments first but should your individual situation require a more aggressive plan our office is recognized nationally as a Center of Excellence for advanced fertility technology. TFC, along with a few other national clinics offers advanced programs such as IVF, IUI, ICSI, PGS/PGD, assisted hatching as well as an in-center donor program.

It is our heartfelt desire for you to reach your personal goal of having a family and we will be here for you every step of the way.

Fertility doctors at this clinic

Thomas C. Vaughn, M.D.
Kaylen M. Silverberg, M.D.
Lisa J. Hansard, M.D.

Anthony Propst, M.D.
Erika Munch, M.D.
Susan Hudson, M.D.
Allison Petrini, M.D.
Sarah Gavrizi, M.D.

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Texas Fertility Center

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