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Michigan Reproductive Medicine

About this fertility clinic

They Care About Your Needs
They are Michigan Reproductive Medicine. Everyone is there to help you with your specific concerns and needs. Their emphasis is on personalized care. Michael Mersol-Barg, M.D., their director, is a board certified Reproductive Endocrinologist who has over twenty years of experience in this subspecialty. He established this single physician private practice in order to deliver the type of care that big systems and large groups do not provide. Their goal is to treat every patient as they would want to be treated.

Their Philosophy
Their focus is on you, as an unique individual; therefore, there are no group teaching or counselling sessions.

  • Your issues and questions will always be addressed in the most sensitive and timely way possible.
  • Your medical history will be reviewed prior to your appointment so that when you’re here, everyone will give you their full attention.
  • Your treatment plan is based on your history and on your condition, concerns, and priorities.
  • Your care is specifically tailored to you.
  • You will always have the same doctor and you will receive consistent care.
  • They are dedicated to offering comprehensive services in the most private of settings.
  • They support your hope to have a baby and will do their best to fulfill that hope.
  • In short, they treat you the way they would want to be treated.

Fertility doctor at this clinic

Michael S. Mersol-Barg, M.D.

Michigan Reproductive Medicine

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