About this fertility clinic

For over two decades, RADfertility (formerly Reproductive Associates of Delaware) has helped hopeful patients realize their dreams of becoming parents. During that time, the RAD team has grown their practice into the largest and most successful in the state of Delaware. That success has been driven by a shared philosophy of delivering the latest in fertility care options through their top rated medical providers and state-of-the-art technology.

We are proud to follow the golden rule of fertility care. Above all, we provide the same treatment to you that we would want for our friends and loved ones. Below are some reasons why it matters where you go for fertility care.

Every Patient Gets a Personalized Assessment – We believe unexplained infertility should always be explored. Your personalized fertility assessment helps us plan for your family building journey.

Team Approach – RAD patients receive the combined expertise of not just 1, but 4 physicians that carefully review their chart and progress every week as a group. Together, with our team of clinicians and coordinators, they provide feedback and recommendations to ensure our patients receive the highest level of care.

One Embryo, One Healthy Baby – Transferring more than one embryo is rarely necessary, and can result in complications for both mother and baby. Our high success rates are thanks to RAD’s multi-year commitment to single embryo transfer (SET). RAD has one of the highest SET and pregnancy rates in the country.

Our Expert Lab Team – RAD’s lab team is the backbone of our center. They lead the way through research and innovation, contributing to nationally recognized success rates.

Fertility doctor at this clinic

Barbara McGuirk, MD
Ronald Feinberg, MD, PhD
Adrienne Neithardt, MD
Wendy Schillings, MD
Christina N.C. Mitchell, MD

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