FAQs: The ARC Fertility Program

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How do I use ARC Fertility’s packages?

We offer customized packages that you can combine with various financing options to make it easy and affordable to receive care. To provide unique care tailored to your needs, you can choose between a variety of treatment packages. We also provide the latest medical procedures shown to help people overcome infertility. Through our robust, national network of reproductive specialists, we connect you to fertility clinics close to home.

Can I finance my medications?

Yes, you can finance your treatment package over several years through the ARC Pharmacy Plan.

If I don’t need financing, can I still use ARC Fertility’s packages?

Yes, you can purchase any one of our packages using cash or a credit card.

Can I finance part of my in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments through ARC, but pay my doctor directly for other treatments?

Yes, when you use our financing plan, you must purchase certain defined services included in your IVF package through our program, but some services and medicines may be paid for directly. Ask our service representative about details of plans available through your ARC physician.

Which treatments offer a refund?

Our Success Program can be used with either the Two-Cycle PlusTM Program or Three-Cycle PlusTM Program. If you get pregnant and have a live birth, you will receive a refund for any remaining cycle(s).

What if I purchase a Two-Cycle Plus™ Success or Three-Cycle Plus™ Success and become pregnant on the first cycle, do I get a refund?

Yes! With the Success Program, if you have a successful live birth, you receive a refund for any unused cycle.

*Not all ARC member clinics offer every ARC package, please call ARC for package offerings and pricing for your clinic.