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Criteria for Ovarian Tissue Banking

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  1. Age: under 41 years
  2. Ovarian function: premenopausal by FSH, antral follicle count or AMH
  3. Communication with oncologists: cancer treatment plan, prognosis
  4. When embryo freezing or oocyte freezing is not indicated: delaying cancer treatment is not acceptable, hormonal stimulation is not permitted, ART is not allowed.
  5. Prepubertal girls who do not have any other options
  6. High risk for POF (when significant loss of ovarian follicles is anticipated with cancer therapy)
  7. Informed consent from adult patients
  8. Informed consent from parents/ guardians as well as informed assent from minors, if the patient is less than 18 years
  9. Physically and mentally healthy enough for surgery
  10. Desires to have a child in the future (preferably before the age 50)
  11. Thorough patient counseling: currently available fertility preservation options including embryo freezing and oocyte cryopreservation, how to use cryobanked ovarian tissue for fertility restoration
  12. Should understand experimental nature

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