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ARC Fertility Joins EAM Women’s Health in the Workplace Conference, Advocating for Better Fertility Benefits

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ARC Supports EAM

ARC Fertility proudly announces its sponsorship and participation as a panel speaker at the upcoming Women’s Health in the Workplace National Symposium, scheduled to take place in Romulus, Michigan, on October 25-26, 2023. The Symposium, hosted by The Economic Alliance for Michigan (EAM), aims to address vital issues related to women’s health in professional settings and foster a supportive environment for change.

David Adamson, MD, founder and CEO, ARC Fertility will be speaking at the “Supporting Women throughout their Health/Work Journey” panel at 10:05 AM on October 25.

ARC Fertility firmly believes that everyone deserves access to high-quality, affordable fertility benefits. Approximately one in six individuals faces fertility challenges, placing a significant burden on those hoping to build their families. Financial strain resulting from inadequate treatment coverage in workplace plans further compounds this challenge.

ARC Fertility serves self-insured entities and workforces seeking affordable family-forming solutions and is dedicated to empowering individuals to initiate reproductive treatment programs that meet their budgets and lifestyles through its inclusive programs and services:

Quality Care: ARC Fertility boasts an extensive network of top-tier fertility clinics nationwide, ensuring patients receive the best care possible. With 450 board-certified fertility specialists across 250+ locations, ARC Fertility offers evidence-based treatment packages coupled with personal concierge care navigation. Our commitment to quality care is unwavering, providing our patients with the support and guidance they need throughout their family-forming journey.

Successful Outcomes: With personalized support provided to over 1.3 million consumers, ARC Fertility has helped more than 80,000 individuals and couples build their families. Our services currently reach the equivalent of several hundred thousand members annually, underscoring our dedication to delivering successful outcomes and fulfilling dreams of parenthood.

Affordability: ARC Fertility is committed to making fertility treatments accessible to all. Our programs come at costs 15-40% lower than other providers, thanks to negotiated discounts and waste avoidance measures. We offer flexible programs with minimal access fees and subsidies that are paid only when services are used. Importantly, we do not burden our members with monthly fees, ensuring financial ease during what can often be a stressful time.

Scalability: Understanding the diverse needs of different companies, ARC Fertility provides customizable solutions for businesses of every size. Our offerings ensure consistency nationwide, providing quality care to employees regardless of their location. Additionally, we offer optional programs for pharmacy services and employee financing, allowing businesses to tailor their benefits package according to their employees’ needs.

“At ARC Fertility, we are not just a fertility care provider — we are partners in your family-forming journey,” says Dr. Adamson. “We are excited to share our expertise and advocate for better fertility benefits at the EAM Women’s Health in the Workplace Conference. Join us in Michigan as we work together towards a future where everyone can access the fertility care they deserve.”

For more information about ARC Fertility and our innovative family-forming solutions, please visit our website.

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