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Affordable Family-Forming Benefits: ARC Fertility’s Compassionate Approach

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Open enrollment season is not just about choosing healthcare plans; it’s about ensuring comprehensive coverage that includes the often-overlooked area of family-forming benefits. 

ARC Fertility, a highly experienced national provider of innovative fertility and family-forming benefits for self-insured employers and their employees, stands as a beacon of hope during this crucial time. In a landscape where approximately one in six people face fertility challenges, affordability and accessibility in reproductive healthcare have never been more critical.

Affordability as a Mission

At the heart of ARC Fertility’s mission lies a commitment to making high-quality family-forming care accessible to everyone. For self-insured entities and workforces seeking affordable family-forming solutions, ARC Fertility’s approach empowers individuals to initiate reproductive treatment programs that meet their budgets and lifestyles. 

ARC Fertility understands that parents and families come in all shapes and sizes, including LGBTQ+ families. Regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, ARC Fertility is dedicated to helping everyone who dreams of building a family. 

The organization embraces diversity because the desire to have children transcends all backgrounds — whether you are partnered, single, straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, nonbinary, or otherwise. Today, there are diverse options for building LGBTQ+ families, including assisted reproductive technology (ART). With fertility treatments and ART, the dream of parenthood is achievable for everyone.

ARC Fertility’s mission is accomplished through its national network of top-tier fertility clinics that deliver fertility and family-forming employer benefits, evidence-based treatment packages and direct patient financing. ARC is committed to integrity, transparency and authenticity.

Evidence-Based Packaged Care

Our approach begins with evidence-based packaged care, connecting individuals with top-tier doctors. 

Quality triumphs over quantity, ensuring that patients receive superior treatment at a reduced cost. This emphasis on evidence-based care not only ensures the highest standards, but also significantly lowers the financial burden on individuals and employers.

ARC Fertility not only provides affordable treatment but also comprehensive support to navigate the complex journey of family-building. At ARC Fertility, helping you find your path to success is our mission. We can help with:

  • Information about clinics and support resources
  • Programs and packages designed to make treatment affordable
  • Assistance with sharing information about family building with employers
  • Dedicated Concierge Care Navigators to discuss programs, financing and logistics
  • Assistance in finding a member clinic near you with successful outcomes

ARC offers a comprehensive fertility benefits package, including all of the following and more, accompanied by evidence-based information and dedicated emotional support.

  • Home testing
  • Genetic screening
  • Pre-pregnancy counseling
  • Donor sperm, eggs and embryos
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Egg freezing
  • Surrogacy
  • Adoption

Strategies for Affordability

Understanding the financial strain that inadequate coverage places on employees, ARC Fertility incorporates five key strategies into its programs.

  1. Evidence-Based Packaged Care: links individuals with top-tier doctors who provide evidence-based care, prioritizing quality over quantity to deliver superior treatment at a reduced cost. Evidence-based care avoids waste and gets better outcomes more quickly with more efficient use of healthcare resources.
  2. Waste Reduction: Unproven treatments are excluded, preventing miscoding of fertility care and securing discounts from providers. This reduction in waste directly translates into lower overall costs for fertility benefits.
  3. Low Access Fee: Employees gain unlimited access to ARC Fertility’s digital program and one-on-one concierge navigation. This informed approach empowers individuals to make crucial reproductive health decisions, potentially reducing the need for costly medical interventions.
  4. No PEPM (Per Employee Per Month): Employers only pay when services are utilized, allowing them the flexibility to choose a benefit subsidy aligned with their budget, without incurring fixed monthly costs.
  5. Value-Added Programs: ARC Fertility goes beyond the conventional, offering optional programs that enhance overall value. These include direct-to-consumer lending for cost-sharing with employees, competitively priced pharmacy plans, and comprehensive support programs covering pregnancy, lactation, early parenthood and return-to-work initiatives. These added benefits ensure that valuable employees are retained, even in the face of complex family-forming challenges.

Reducing Financial Stress: Unique Offerings

In addition to these core strategies, ARC Fertility further alleviates financial stress through a range of tailored options. Affordable fertility financing choices, discounted multi-cycle IVF treatment packages and reduced costs on fertility medications are integral parts of this commitment to accessible care. 

A Vision for All

Dr. Adamson, Founder & CEO, ARC Fertility, passionately concludes, “We believe that everyone — regardless of their economic or social status — deserves the opportunity to build their family, and we are here to make this a reality.” 

With its unwavering commitment to affordability, accessibility and high-quality care, ARC Fertility is not just redefining family-forming benefits, it’s transforming lives, one family at a time. 

For more information about ARC Fertility and its mission to make family-forming benefits accessible, please visit ARC Fertility’s Website.

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