No Monitoring Options That Allow Separate IVF Packages

No Monitoring Package Option

This option is available at some of our clinics where partial insurance coverage is available from patient insurance carriers. These packages provide monitoring services such as office visits, ultrasounds and monitoring blood work, where there is mandated insurance coverage or where out-of-state patients are routinely serviced by a practice. Call ARC® toll free at 1-888-990-2727 to find out which participating clinics offer this option.

This package option allows for the monitoring services such as office visits, ultrasounds and monitoring blood work to be done separately from the IVF package. Services that are included in this option are based upon the usual work required during an average in-vitro fertilization cycle, with the use of frozen embryos obtained during this cycle in up to one (1) additional frozen/thaw embryo transfer cycle. Clinical care is provided following the one IVF cycle until a serum pregnancy test is performed. Obstetrical and other medical services are not covered as part of this program. If a pregnancy loss occurs during the nine-month benefit period, additional infertility services are provided through the balance of the nine-month period, up to the maximum of services.

The predetermined fee for this program must be paid in advance OR through the ARC® Affordable Payment Plan. The fee is payable regardless of when or whether the patient gets pregnant during the program. The maximum of available services must be completed within a maximum of 9 months from the initiation of treatment.

To talk with an ARC Patient Services Specialist about ARC’s No Monitoring Package option call: 888-990-2727.