The ARC® Referral Management System (ARMS)

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What is ARMS?

The ARC® Referral Management System (ARMS) helps your practice solve one of the biggest challenges of practice growth. ARMS is an online platform that helps connect those looking for infertility services with your fertility clinic. The system captures, tracks, and converts your lead referrals and patients you send to ARC all in one place. ARMS generates reports and alerts to effectively manage your lead referrals so you never lose track of a lead again. You can access an online portal page specific to your practice with a protected username and password through any computer or mobile device. It can be easily employed by key users such as new patient coordinators, financial coordinators, etc. See why our 60+ member clinics are using ARMS to help grow their practice.

Key Features

  • Receive leads
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Tracks patient status
  • Interfaces with ARC® CRM system
  • Email notifications on new activity
  • Keeps you up to date on all patients


ARMS Opportunities Dashboard – Click to enlarge


From Our Partner Clinics

“The ARMS system allows me to easily log on and retrieve patient referral information in an easy-to-use, HIPAA compliant platform. In addition to retrieving the contact information of referrals, I can change their status, letting ARC know that I’ve already reached out to or scheduled that patient. It is also very advantageous that the system sends me an email when a new referral has been added to the ARMS portal and prompts me to log on and reach out to that patient.” — LuAnn Lacey, Clinical Business Manager, Advanced Reproductive Medicine University of Colorado