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The Economic Report: ARC Offers Affordable Infertility Care

“ARC’s mission is to provide patients with affordable financial solutions and give patients access to good educational support services.” ~ Dr. David Adamson

Financial burdens related to the cost of IVF treatments frequently discourage patients from pursuing appropriate infertility care. In this episode of the Economic Report, learn how Advance Reproductive Care’s unique approach to developing affordable infertility treatment packages, financing options and fertility drug plans can help alleviate some of the cost of IVF treatments. In this video, Dr. David Adamson, fertility pioneer and founder of ARC, explains ARC’s mission of offering affordable, evidence-link treatment bundles to help as many people achieve their dream of having a baby. ARC currently provides one third of all IVF cycles in the United States.

To learn more, explore ARC’s Flexible Care OptionsTM. This is an additional resource to help you overcome any financing limitation you might be facing while undergoing infertility treatments and facing the cost of IVF or IUI.