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Learn Tips on Getting Pregnant

In this one-on-one interview, EmpowerHer, a women’s health and wellness company talks to world-renowned fertility expert, Dr. David Adamson about couples wishing to have a baby. Stanford-trained board certified surgeon and founder of Advanced Reproductive Care (ARC), Dr. Adamson gives his advice to couples trying to conceive. Learn:

How long couples should attempt to conceive before seeing a fertility doctor

  • How age influences the decision to seek help from an infertility specialist
  • What medical conditions may predispose women and men to infertility or reproductive problems

This interview was part of the Perspectives in Women’s Health Meeting, which is sponsored by OB/GYN News and Fertility News.

Dr. Adamson is a teacher at Stanford Medical School and fertility expert for the World Health Organization (WHO). Learn more about infertility and its treatments from Dr. Adamson in the video, What is the average cost of IVF.