The ARC® Employer Fertility Program

Help Your Employees Build a Family

ARC® Fertility can match your employees with the right Fertility Specialist

ARC Fertility provides the largest, physician-led network of top, board-certified fertility specialists across the US so your employees will be able to find the right doctor in a region close to their homes. The ARC® Network was founded in 1997 and we have served over 30,000 patients.

The ARC® Employer Fertility Program

We provide a single point of contact for your employees to obtain information, education and an introduction to a local fertility specialist who offers customized packages that can be combined with various financing options to make it easy and affordable for your employees to receive quality care. We provide unique care tailored to specific treatment needs, and it is possible to choose from a variety of treatment packages. Through our robust, national network of reproductive specialists, we can connect your employees to fertility clinics close to their home.

  • First point of contact for employees to provide education on fertility options that, along with an ARC® Network physician, select the best treatment option that maximizes their benefit
  • Offers a choice of treatment and financial packages, including egg freezing and surrogacy
  • Offers a choice of employer-employee participation in the fertility benefit design which could include a program to promote healthy outcomes
  • Ability to bundle treatment costs, medications and genetic screening into one monthly payment when financing; ARC Fertility facilitates financing on behalf of the employee

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All of these services are available to your employees whether you provide funds to support their fertility treatment or not. If you do provide a fertility benefit amount, ARC® Fertility will help the patient maximize the value from that contribution with the goal of achieving a healthy live birth.

The goal is a healthy singleton baby, but the cost of an IVF cycle can drive a couple to transfer multiple embryos with the risk of getting twins or even triplets. This can lead to serious and expensive health complications for mother and babies which are then paid by the employer medical benefits. The impact of multiple births on employers can be absenteeism, lost productively and short and long-term disability.

In addition, we can provide your employees with customized educational programs, web portal access to people and information, and telehealth service for their convenience during treatment. We welcome the opportunity to provide tailored programs that address your employee needs.

Having a family is fundamental to the lives of many American women and men. Being unable to have a child is life-altering.

Some Fertility Facts

  • Infertility is a disease recognized by the World Health Organization and in June 2017 recognized as a disease by the American Medical Association
  • 1 in 8 couples in the US are infertile
  • Cost is a key barrier to medical treatment for infertility and adoption; 67% report spending more than $10,000 on family-building
  • More than 30% of people who seek care drop out before they start – mostly due to financial reasons

Benefits to Companies with ARC Employer Program

  • No PEPM or Administrative fees
  • Program options range from strictly voluntary benefit to partial contribution by employer to specially-designed program unique to the employer and their goals
  • Ability to know and control the cost of the benefit
  • Complete control over fertility program contribution
  • Ability to attract and retain employees with sought-after services such as egg freezing
  • High quality fertility care for employees by board-certified reproductive endocrinologists in largest, physician-led network
  • Mitigate emotional distraction of fertility issues and productivity loss
  • Provide employees options for multi-cycle packages to eliminate pressure for multiple embryo transfers

Benefits to Employees with ARC Employer Program

  • Predictable cost
  • Financing of packages, medications and pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS)
  • Best chance for a baby through additional frozen embryo transfer cycles, one provided at no cost with each fresh IVF cycle
  • Egg freezing options
  • Multi-cycle options reduce fear that a woman must utilize multiple-embryo transfer because that is their “one-shot” at building a family
  • Access to infertility specialists providing cost-effective evidence-based care
  • Access to ARC Patient Services Team who speak English and Spanish

Design a Family-Building Benefit

Create an umbrella benefit supporting an employee’s choice of how to build a family. This type of benefit allows an employer to be inclusive of a broad spectrum of their employees.

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