Center of Reproductive Medicine

About this fertility clinic

You already know that trying to conceive a child is a painful waiting game. CORM doesn’t want to keep you waiting. They offer compassionate communication, updates when you need them, and a keen understanding of how impatient infertility can make you. Their expert staff offers you an understanding shoulder to cry on, as well as the medical knowledge and experience that can only be gained from years of dedicated work. CORM understands where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going.

Attention to Your Needs

Infertility is more than just a medical issue. And you are so much more than your diagnosis. This practice doesn’t treat you like a number, or a disease. They don’t push you into treatments you don’t want. Instead, when you consult with the Center of Reproductive Medicine in Texas, you become part of their extended family. They listen to what you want, honor what feels comfortable to you, and treat you like the complex being you are. No matter where you are on your fertility journey, they feel it is their privilege to walk alongside you. They will celebrate your successes, and comfort you through failures. And they know that you will eventually get where you need to be. Let them show you the way.

Fertility doctors at this clinic

Vicki Schnell, M.D., FACOG
Jerry A. Sims, M.D., FACOG
John Crochet, Jr., M.D.
Candace O’Hern Perfetto, M.D.

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