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Genesis Fertility & Reproductive Medicine, PC

About this fertility clinic

We deliver exceptional care by bringing together, under one roof, a talented and highly experienced team of individuals providing comprehensive services to couples with infertility.

Everything about the GENESIS practice reflects our dedication to serving the individual patient. Foremost is the comprehensiveness of what we provide. This includes not only the expert services of reproductive endocrinologists, but also care from other specialists that can be crucial to success. They include:

  • A urologist specializing in male fertility, on site
  • A psychologist with special expertise in counseling individuals and couples with infertility, on site
  • A genetic counselor, with special training in counseling about genetic diseases and the fertility procedures used to overcome them, on site
  • Reproductive scientists who are able and willing to discuss with patients the laboratory techniques they use for assisted conception, on site

These professionals are supported in their work at GENESIS by a nursing, clinical and administrative staff whose energies are exclusively focused on the alleviation of infertility.

Fertility doctors at this clinic

Richard V. Grazi, MD, FACOG, FACS
Katherine Melzer-Ross, MD, FACOG
Tendai M. Chiware, MD, FACOG
Alexander M. Kotlyar, MD, FACOG
Ruchi K. Amin, MD, FACOG
David L. Kulak, MD, FACOG
Jacob Khurgin, DO

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Genesis Fertility & Reproductive Medicine

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