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Belinda “Sissy” M. Sartor, M.D.

Dr. Sartor

Dr. Belinda “Sissy” M. Sartor chose this field of medicine because she was intrigued by the scientific questions that are part of the backbone of this specialty. She was equally drawn to the intensity and emotional complexities inherent in helping patients achieve their fertility goals. What she loves most is the excitement of beginning a new journey with each patient.

Dr. Sartor has a special interest in fertility preservation and is a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s Fertility Preservation Special Interest Group. She also specializes in oncofertility, preserving fertility before cancer treatments.

Other areas of clinical focus include preimplantation genetic testing for single gene defects (PGT-M) and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Approach to treatment

Dr. Sartor knows that an educated patient is an empowered patient. She feels it is imperative for the patient to clearly understand the plan of treatment and expected outcome. Working through testing and developing a plan for treatment together, she helps her patients feel less anxious by explaining the “why” and the “what.”

“Going through the options together is much like climbing a ladder toward success.”
She says her patients value her straightforward approach that is both collaborative and honest. Dr. Sartor is an empathic listener and instructor. She wants her patients to make decisions with her, giving them the feeling that together they can truly bring dreams to life.

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