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Fertility Institute of New Orleans

About this fertility clinic

Outstanding fertility medicine and success encompasses both advanced science and a compassionate personal touch. Their fertility clinic values the intimate trust placed in them by couples, women, men and LGBTQ+ individuals who need help having children.

Infertility wasn’t your plan. Let’s make a new one.

Louisiana’s first fertility clinic – 19,000 pregnancies & counting


They believe patient education, empathy and expertise is the best strategy for your success. At The Fertility Institute of New Orleans (FINO), they follow these guiding principles on their journey to building relationships and trust with hopeful parents-to-be.

FINO’s firsts: The Fertility Institute is the first fertility clinic in Louisiana. FINO was the first to achieve many fertility medicine advancements in the Gulf South, helping advance reproductive medicine. They draw on our experience to continue leading and innovating.

From their founding in 1976 to this day, they make sure their patient care is cutting-edge, informed by their physicians who teach the latest in fertility medicine to the next generation of OB-GYN/fertility specialists at Louisiana State University (LSU) and Tulane medical schools.

Broadening your fertility treatment options: They provide competitive costs and treatments not offered at other Louisiana fertility clinics, and they welcome difficult cases that may have been unsuccessful elsewhere.

Their care philosophy is to first, and continually, educate their patients about infertility and their individual treatment options so they are knowledgeable partners in their own care and planning for their baby.

Their fertility clinic experts engage beyond conventional doctor-patient interactions to forge relationships. They don’t spend time on proving our expertise; they listen and come up with a plan together.

Fertility doctors at this clinic

Peter Y. Lu, M.D.
Belinda “Sissy” M. Sartor, M.D.
Heber E. Dunaway, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
Warren “Jay” Huber III, M.D., Ph.D.
P. Ronald Clisham, M.D., HCLD

The Fertility Institute

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