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Chicago IVF

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Advanced Fertility & Infertility Treatments in Illinois

Thousands upon thousands of patients in the Chicago area have chosen Chicago IVF as their infertility clinic. Our IVF clinic provides the latest and most advanced infertility treatment right here in Chicago. There are many reasons why we are the #1 clinic that doctors refer their patients to:

  • Experience: Our doctors are known worldwide and we only hire nurses with 10+ years of experience.
  • Convenience: We have multiple locations around the Chicago area, hours that cater to your schedule, and the ability to provide your results online.
  • Compassion: Our clinic has been voted to have the most compassionate fertility nurses – 98.5% of patients say they’d refer us to a friend.

Fertility doctor at this clinic

Joel G. Brasch MD, FACOG – Medical Director
Natalie Schultz, MD

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Chicago IVF

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