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Southern California Reproductive Center

About this fertility clinic

For over 20 years, the Southern California Reproductive Center has been helping people pursue and attain their dream of parenthood. Their physicians are among the most experienced in their field, having been instrumental in the development and ongoing evolution of in vitro fertilization and advanced surgical techniques. They have achieved among the highest fertility success rates in the country, making possible the birth of nearly 5000 babies to couples who thought they would never experience the joy of having a family.

Each of their comprehensive reproductive centers offers cutting edge surgical & laboratory techniques, from their state- of-the-art surgery center to their in-house pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) facility. To date, their laboratory director has trained scores of embryologists to perform PGD and embryo fixation, enabling other centers to benefit from this promising new technique. Because of their extensive experience with the fertility treatment, they recognize that each journey is unique. With compassion, understanding, and excellent medical care, they can help you realize your goal. Your medical and emotional needs are integral components of your treatment, and therefore, their first commitment is to you, your well-being, and to your goal of parenthood. To find out more please click here, Los Angeles Fertility Clinic.

Fertility doctors at this clinic

Dr. Mark Surrey
Dr. Hal Danzer
Dr. Wendy Chang
Dr. Shahin Ghadir
Dr. Carolyn Alexander
Dr. Alin Lina Akopians
Dr. Debra Minjarez
Dr. Sahar Wertheimer

Southern California Reproductive Center

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